01- Master Meal Planning Sheet

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Welcome to the new Feed Your Family Tonight Podcast. In Episode 1, Marie walks you through how to use the Master Meal Planning Sheet. You can get your copy at FeedYourFamilyTonight.com/Master.

This Master Meal Planning Sheet will help you see the meals you already make for your family. It is broken down by proteins. If your family is primarily vegetarian or vegan, use the list with blank categories.

Take a few minutes and do a “brain dump” of all the meals you make under each protein. When you go to meal plan, you can reference the Master Meal Planning Sheet to add variety to your weekly meal plan. This helps when you don’t know what to make and don’t want to have chicken 6 days this week.

**Note- Don’t add a new recipe to the sheet until you have served it to your family at least twice.

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  • Angie Centeno

    Great podcast with good ideas for busy families!

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