Does Meal Planing Overwhelm You?

Do you have a busy family with lots of evening activities?

Join the Free 5 Day Meal Planning Challenge!

Every family has different needs and meal planning cannot be one-size fits all. You will learn how to tailor you meal plans to your family schedule and the food your family likes to eat. This is all about making dinner work in your home.


We start Tuesday, September 3.


Meal Planning

  • Helps the family budget

  • Saves you Time

  • Gives you mental space

Sign Me Up for the 5 Day Challenge

You will get a set of printable worksheets, a daily email, and daily Facebook live videos. Let’s do this together. 5 days and you will be set up to take control of dinner in your home with meal plans that work for your family.

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If you have questions, ask in the Feed Your Family Tonight Facebook Group or email

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