Episode 174 Kitchen Gadgets 101

I love kitchen gadgets. Some are essential and some just make life a little easier.

Years ago I did a presentation for parents of teens and young adults about setting up a first apartment kitchen. I made a 1st Kitchen Essentials list. 

I really like Oxo and Kuhn Rikon. Look at America’s Test Kitchen for reliable equipment reviews. 

Here are the essential kitchen gadgets:


Instant Read Thermometer:


Measuring Spoons I have this set in my kitchen.
Vegetable Peeler (I have these exact ones.)


Dry Measuring Cups
2 Cup Pyrex Measuring Cup (I have this exact one.)
Can Opener (I have this exact one.)

(My favorite is from IKEA similar to this one)

Spatula/Rubber Knife

(I have and older version of this.)

Flat Whisk 

Silicone Tip Tongs (This is the pair in my house.)

Mixing Spoon
Ladle (This is the one I have in my house.)


Fine Mesh Strainer

Box Grater

Binder Clips 

Beyond the essentials, here are the kitchen gadgets I use all the time in my kitchen:

Garlic Press 

Microplane Grater 

Lemon Juicer 

#40 scoop 

Pastry Brush (You need two – one for sweet and one for savory.)

Bench Scraper 


Pizza Cutter

Small Spatula for serving brownies

Milk Frother

Kitchen/poultry scissors

Icing Spatulas


French Rolling Pin



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Marie Fiebach is a married mother of four active teens. She helps busy families plan and execute weeknight dinner so they can recapture a little calm in the crazy. Check out her YouTube Channel or listen to the Feed Your Family Tonight Podcast.

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