Chocolate Almond Granola

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I have a sweet tooth and I am always looking for ways to curb it with food that is (mostly) good for me. This Chocolate Almond Granola is perfect for breakfast or snacking. I like it with plain yogurt or served like cold cereal with milk. It is made from simple ingredients that you likely have in your pantry.

I have listed the coconut as optional. I personally love the coconut and the chocolate, almond, coconut combination is reminiscent of an almond joy candy bar. Alas, my kids are not big fans of coconut in their granola. They don’t hate it, but they do not prefer it, so I usually skip the coconut.

If you like your granola super crispy, cook this recipe for a full hour. If you like it a little chewy (like those granola bars you buy your kids) cook it for 40 minutes. I like it both ways, but find the chewy to be my favorite.

Chocolate Almond Granola

6 cups Oats (oatmeal)

2 cups Slivered Almonds

2 cups puffed brown rice (You can get this in the “healthy cereal” section of the grocery store, or use any unsweetened crisp rice cereal.)

1/2 cup Brown sugar

3/4 Pure Maple Syrup

3/4 cup Coconut oil, melted

4 teaspoons Vanilla

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 cups Unsweetened flake coconut (optional)

Mix dry ingredients in large bowl. (Except coconut if using.) Mix oil and maple syrup with vanilla and pour over dry ingredients. Stir until all the dry ingredients are completely coated.

Line a large rimmed sheet pan with parchment and then empty granola onto pan.  Spread out and then press down firmly with the flat side of a spatula (this is key to getting large chunks of granola and not a powdery mess.)

Bake at 275 for 40 minutes to one hour. Use convection if your oven has it. If you want the coconut, add it on top of the granola for the last 5-10 minutes. Watch carefully as it burns quickly.

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