Episode 146 How to Pick a Recipe Your Family Will Eat

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None of us want to work hard to fix a new recipe only to be met with a bunch of complaints and food that is basically untouched.  In this episode Marie has 4 tips to choose new recipes that your family will actually eat.

1- Identify foods your family already likes.

Pay attention to what they like to eat. Look at the ingredients and the flavors. Look at foods they order in restaurants. This gives you clues as to foods they will likely try.

2-Identify common threads in meals your make that they like.

Will your family eat anything with pasta? Maybe they really like Mexican or Italian flavors. Will they eat foods with sauces like mashed potatoes and gravy, beef stroganoff and spaghetti, or do they like dry foods like grilled meats and roasted veggies?

3-Look for recipes that match as many common threads as possible.

Find recipes with ingredients and flavors that are mostly familiar.

4-Examine what is different in a new recipe from things you already make.

Don’t try to change too many things at once. It is much easier to go from spaghetti with meat sauce to spaghetti with sausage, than it is to go from spaghetti to a chickpea veggie curry. Take gradual steps to expand their palettes.

In the episode I walk through how I got my family to start eating chicken enchiladas. It was a process.

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  • Emma Edison

    I pick that food recipe for my family that is healthy and easy. I don’t pick any hard and unhealthy food recipe for my family.

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