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Welcome to the feed, your family tonight, podcast. Do you dread hearing the question? Whats for dinner? What are you spend your days? Keeping up with toddlers, running kids to after-school, activities are juggling a career and family getting dinner on the table. Can be a struggle for us all. Im a Rafi box. A business owner wife, and mom of four. Im on a mission to build stronger families. One dinner at a time. And Im here with tips, tricks and inspiration. You need to feed your family tonight. Hello friends, welcome to the feed. Your family tonight, podcast, episode, 251. Going to talk about how now is the time to get your kitchen and Pantry, ready for the fall and winter. I live in Kansas. And this week, were getting our first little taste of fall weather. And that means were going to have a couple of days where its going to get into the 70s, but then by the end of the week, is going to be back up into the 90s and we affectionately called the season summer fall and summer. It is chilly in the mornings and you often need a jacket and by the afternoon is 90° and your peeling off all the layers and this season. Its weird to dress in because you dont know how to dress for the fall in the summer but it also means that now is the time to start getting your kitchen and Pantry. Ready. As the seasons, change our taste in food often changed when I go out and give life presentations. I usually do it in a workshop style and part of the workshop is having all of the participants, Take 5 minutes and do a brain dump of all of the meals that they are currently making, their family will eat with a reasonable amount of liking. It doesnt mean everybody in the family will like it, but it means that its enough of a wind that they will make it for their family on a regular basis. And within five minutes people have 15 to 30 meals that they can just dump out. But then I talked about how that is the meals that you have for the current season that were in and that document will continue to grow and expand for an entire year. When you get through the transition from spring into summer, and this transition from Summer into fall, and fall into the dead of winter, the chi, The fuse that you naturally, make usually change. I dont know about you, but I I grill in the winter but not a lot. Certainly not as much as I do in the summer. Were not making things like burgers on a regular basis, but then Im also not making chicken pot pie in July because I dont feel like having the oven on and something is heavy is chicken pot. Pie just doesnt sound as good in the summer, as it does in the fall. One of my daughters has been begging for chicken pot, pie. And so, on these first cooler days, I added it to the meal plan because I know that shell be really excited to have the first chicken pot pie of the Fall, even though were still kind of in this transition from Fall Into Summer. But as we transition our brains are thinking about new Foods in the summer or theres lots of salads and fresh garden, vegetables, and cucumbers, and tomatoes. And lots of things on the grill and then in the fall, were thinking about soups. And were thinking about stews. Were thinking about things like chicken pot, pie and tater, tot casserole, things that are cooked in the oven things, like a roast. That take a long time to cook in the oven while the summer. Its a lot of fast, quick, easy, lighter meals. That what that means is that we need to get our kitchen and Pantry ready. During this transition time. What that means for you is now is the time to go through your pantry. Go through your freezer and start eating up. Those foods that are more exclusively quote on quote summer Foods, because youre still having a few on hot days. And so its fine to cook burgers or grilled chicken on those holidays, even if its chilly in the morning, but you want to get your Freezer cleaned out of those things that are exclusively summer meals. If you look in your pantry or fries or anyting, I am not going to want to have that the week before Christmas, in the dead of winter, then is probably something that you need to start adding to your meal plan. Now, if you dont have my free weekly meal planning sheet, do to feed your family, tonight. Comm plan, get your free download of that and add it to your meal plan for this week or the next couple of weeks. So that you get those foods eaten up. When you go through your pantry. Theres a couple of things that you wanted to look for. The first thing is that your family does not prefer. Maybe you bought a bag of stir-fry, vegetables from the freezer, and it turns out, it had mushrooms in it, and your family is like, Im not even going to eat it. If it has mushrooms that, something that you need to either adapt or pass on to a friend that might like the mushrooms. Or maybe you go and you realize you have six bottles of Catalina salad dressing and youre the only person in the family who likes Catalina salad dressing. And you know, theres no way between now and December. Youre going to eat up six bottles of Catalina salad, dressing maybe save one or two of those bottles and the extra for you can donate or you can give away its it doesnt matter what you do, but I give you permission to let go of those things that your family does not prefer because he keep them in, your pantry in your knocking them around. Theyre going to take up a lot of brain space and theyre going to give you that feeling of guilt. We all do not want to waste food and thats why I recommend whenever possible to share it with a friend or donate it in our neighborhood. We had this wonderful called Paxtons blessings box. This box is kind of like a little Free Library. Its a little box thats out in front of someones house is kind of up on a Kind of like a mailbox would be and it has shelves inside. Its not super, super big, but it says Viva blessing, take a blessing if you need it. I am in the habit of anytime. I go to the grocery store. I usually pick up an extra jar, peanut butter and I take it and I drop it off in the blessing box. And so I kind of watch what comes in and out of the blessing box on a weekly basis. And sometimes, theres some really odd things in there. But you know what, they always get taken. So, if theres something that youre a blessing box close to you, or a charity, that will take it, but let it go out of your life and let it bless someone else because it is sitting in your house and just making you feel guilty all the time, that you wish, your family would eat the Catalina dressing, or you wished, your family would eat the vegetables with the mushrooms that dont put those in a blessing Box. Share this with a friend cuz their perishable. But If you wish your family would eat that and they wont, its going to bother you and its going to cause a little bit of angst every time you go to your pantry. So Im giving you permission to get rid of the things that, you know, your family does not prefer, get them out of your life. So that you have space for new things. After youve gone through your pantry. You want to go through your freezer and you want to see if there are foods that you eat, mainly in the summer. That wont sound good. In the middle of December. Now, is the time I can add them to your meal plan and get them out of your freezer. I make a lot of hamburger patties at the beginning of the summer and we eat grilled hamburgers. I have a recipe for make ahead hamburger, patties. That is just wonderful. Ill link to it and I make giant patches of those and I keep in the freezer. I was going to the freezer this past week and I found one lonely hamburger patty and all those times that we had made hamburgers. I ended up with one odd Patty, that was just floating around my freezer baggies. And so, I actually added Burgers to my meal plan this week on Sunday, which means Im going to have to make some fresh hamburgers to go along with this one. Lonely Frozen hamburger patty, but Im going to get that hamburger patty out of my life and other things that I find in my freezer are little odds and ends and bits and pieces of food that I didnt want to go to waste right now, in my freezer. I have a little bit of enchilada sauce. Ive got some random meatballs. Ive got a few baggies of frozen pasta, and I am planning on adding those to my lunch is over the next week or so. So that Im feeding all those little odd bits out of my freezer and I know that everything in there is ready to go, and Im ready for the winter. Brand new season. Once you kind of cleaned out and purged. Your pantry kind of cleaned out and purged out your freezer. Now you are starting to get ready and flan for the fall. You may want to do a deep dive grocery shopping trip. I talked about how to do a deep dive grocery shopping trip in episode 99. Id like to do one of these in September because I am again. Its that transitional time. Im done with December Foods. Im getting ready to get ready for the fall and winter. And during my deep dive grocery shopping trip in September. I am stalking for the kinds of foods that my family likes to eat in the fall and winter. That means I am buying at least a case of canned crushed tomatoes because we use them for chili and we use them for all sorts of kinds of baked pastas that we have in the fall and winter. Im going to buy a couple of packages of puff pastry so that I can make chicken pot pie. I recipe for cheese. Pot pie is actually a turkey pot pie with leftover turkey, but you could totally use chicken. Ill drink to that in the show notes, but I have the puff pastry. I love tater tot casserole. My kids love tater, tot casserole that recipe, I link two, but the tater tot casserole. Im going to buy a couple bags of tater tots and have those in the freezer ready to go with the tater tot casserole. I usually use a certain kind of mixed veggies and so Im going to buy a couple of bags of those mixed veggies to add to the tater, tot casserole, and Im going to get my pantry in my freezer set up for fall. The last thing that I want to talk about us getting ready for fall and kind of purging the old and getting ready. For the new is to look at your spice cabinet. Go through your spice cabinet, and if you dont know how long something has been in your spice cabinet, its likely that its been in there too long. We all keep our spices way way, way too long. Take a sniff if it doesnt smell fragrant. I give you permission to toss it, and let it go clean out that little odds and ends in your spice cabinet and then take stock of what kind of spices do you use in the fall and winter. In the following winter? I go heavy on the chili powder and the cumin, the onion powder and the garlic powder. Im always using hot red pepper flakes because those at a little kick without making my kids. Say everything is too spicy. And I usually use a little bit of Curry, especially when Im making like a pumpkin soup. Ive got a curry pumpkin soup up on the website. That is delicious. Start thinking about what kind of spices that you use lately. Ive been getting a lot of my spices from The Spice House. They have these great little bags that come with free shipping, so you dont have to pay for shipping. If you order them in the bags, Im not sponsored by them at all, but I found that their spices are really high quality and theyre super easy to order in. The shipping is free, and Ive been really happy with them. If you are with the Spice House, Im always open to sponsorship. But thats neither here nor there at this point. Look at the spices that she need to add to your list and get them for the fall friends. This season of summer is a great time. Its almost like spring cleaning but to get yourself ready for the coziness of the Fall. Do you might even look at you know, where are you set on like your teeth and your hot cocoa mixes in your coffees? What kind of drinks do you like to have in the fall and add those to your Deep dive grocery shopping list, make sure that you clean out your things from the summer. Maybe youre having less of the ice tea and youre moving more into the hot tea. I dont know what kind of drink, she liked to have in the summer, but we have a lot of flavored Waters in The Summers and then well move to more hot teas and things of the winter. So thats something else that Im going to be stocking up this episodes a little bit shorter than usual but that gives you time to go to your pantries and go to your freezer, clean them out, heat up those food so that youre not trying to eat grilled hamburgers and the dead Winter and you really dont want to grill in the snow and that you have room for more of the foods that you like to eat in the fall. I cant wait to talk with you again next week for now friend. Take care.

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