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Welcome to the feed, your family tonight, podcast. Do you dread hearing the question? What’s for dinner? Whether you spend your days, keeping up with toddlers, running kids to after-school, activities are juggling, a career and family getting dinner on the table. Can be a struggle for us all. I don’t Rafi box. A business owner wife and mom of four. I’m on a mission to build stronger families. One dinner at a time. And I’m here with tips, tricks and inspiration. You need to feed your family tonight. Hello friends, welcome to the Future family tonight podcast. I am so excited. We have a guest here for an on-air coaching call. Her name is Carmen and I’m going to let her tell you a little bit about where she’s from what her family is. Like. We’re going to kind of dig into some of her weeknight dinner challenges to see if we can find some small tweaks to make her life a little bit easier Carmen. Welcome. How are you doing today? I’m doing great. Thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited to be here or is mine. I always love meeting with new people and finding out what their family is like and where they’re eating challenges and getting dinner on the table. So, let’s Dive Right into that. Tells a little bit about your family, your kids, their ages and a little bit about what life is like in your home at the dinner hour. Sure. My name is Carmen demon surgery and we have four kids. One on the way Cole is 16. Kinsey has five Hadassah is three and Shiloh is one. And we will have a new boy or girl in February and my husband works as a journeyman carpenter and he works 50 or 60 hours a week and also on call 1 week a month. I am a stay-at-home. Mom of Pryor teacher. I think that pretty much sums it up and busy. I haven’t you are because if you have a big span of Ages when you have teenagers, all the way down to a newborn on the way, that means that you’re managing a lot of different needs and your family, a husband who is working, probably a very highly physical job and that you have children that are all the way from Toddlers up to teenagers, which means that you’re meeting the needs of a lot of different kinds of people. So many times will be in a phase where we have all toddlers. Are we are in a phase where I have all teenagers, but you have the gamut How does that affect your weeknight dinners? We’re really like to do weeknight dinners, you know, most nights of the week, but often times ends up being me and all the young girls. Now, that my son has a job. He’s there, A lot of times during the dinner hour. He used to be with us. And then my husband is kind of hit-or-miss. Sometimes he makes it in time and sometimes he doesn’t and I haven’t really figured out the best way to do it. A lot of nice. I’m just like, this is when we’re having dinner. I hope he makes it if not, you know, we’re just going to go about dinner and bedtime. Anyways, you know, bedtime is so important when when you have a house full of teenagers like I do, there’s a little bit more room for wiggle room because they can grab a snack themselves. They can, you know, feed themselves if they have to but when you’re dealing with Littles that dinner time, in that bedtime is usually a lot more fixed and a lot more important because, you know, the consequences the next day, if you don’t Time. You don’t get them to bed on time, then they get cranky and then you’re going to have a miserable day the next day about 5 or 6 and it’s it’s a hot mess here. So that is so when your son it is he working. Is he in a place where he eats before? It’s after 2 to eat at work? Tell me about that. He works for a local pizza place. So I will just eat there but I think that might come to an end because his kind of had enough, Pizza is what he say. So sometimes he will just eat whatever I try to make extra. So there’s something for him to eat. Sometimes, I’ll just have a bowl of cereal or something. It just kind of his kind of its kind of fun for yourself by the time you get home. Yeah. It’s just quite a bit to do with your husband then. Do you often just make him a late plate? What do you do when he’s coming in? Late? Depends on. If I know I usually end up calling him right around. I get ready to start dinner. So I have kind of an idea that still isn’t always guaranteed to sometimes. He’ll think he’s leaving you certain time and then something comes up and it’s later. Usually I will if it’s going to be home shortly after I’ll leave out the dishes so I can serve himself. But lots of times, I’ll just make up a plate for him or put it all the way they containers and he can serve himself a kind of pens on what it is. Okay. I totally understand that. Okay. So tell me the kinds of foods you are making now. And what are the foods that are beloved by your family? So, well now that turn into fall will do soup. I do a lot of soup and I’m really grateful everybody. My housewife, that needs it, that saves my life. My girls, all like, chicken salad. Tuna salad, those kind of things. Sometimes, I do that kind of ahead, so they don’t make dinner at night, but they really like, things like Curry spaghetti, they like that. But I have pretty adventurous eaters. Still eat Asian food and Mexican food, whatever I do, you know, they won’t they won’t refuse a thing as long as it’s not spicy, hot spicy food, but I won’t say nothing else. I’ll try. And I kind of bored quickly if I like the same things too often. So I try to do new things fairly regularly. 90% of my audience has at least some type of a picky eater in their family and it may be that your family is picky in a way, but she just found out how to work around the things that they don’t prefer that even though it sounds like you got a lot of things that you can draw from. So then my next question to you is where are you? Finding your recipes and your new ideas? I do a lot of Pinterest. So and I used to just turn everything on Pinterest and then it was just a mess. I got to the point where I kind of separated into like a specific folder like tried-and-true. So, I’ve tried these. I know we like them and I can pull from those. So I go back for those. Try to find some consistent things. I have a few things that I make regularly enough that I don’t necessarily need a recipe if that makes sense. Yes. And so those are kind of my I try to have certain things so I can just make those and I don’t think about it too much, but those are the things that if I make him too much, everybody starts to be like, okay, if we did this already and then I do Pinterest and then I just have a couple websites, I kind of rotate through and look at fairly regularly just as they’ve been consistent. You said in your application form for on your coaching that keeping track of your recipes with something that was kind of a challenge for you. Yeah. Yeah. I am a way to track your recipes without having to put them all in one place. But a way to say this recipe is in this location. And is that okay? You an early copy of it so you can do a little beta testing for me,. Because I really think that that is a big problem for a lot of families. And so with this new system that’s going to be coming out. It actually shows how much time it takes because I believe that we met dinners are about time, but then it also says, where is this recipe located? Is it in my Pinterest? What folder is it? And is it on a website, or a website? Is it in my grandma’s cookbook? So, that you can go and you can say, oh, yeah. I know where to go and find this recipe. I know, for me, especially when I find recipes online, I’ll forget, which blogger? It was from that. I’ll be like, I don’t know if that was the right one or the other day. I was like, I want pumpkin muffins, and I was like, which recipe did we? Like? And then, I ended up making one. And it wasn’t the same, it was okay, but it wasn’t like as good as the last time. Yeah, and I also, Plan to eat. I don’t know if there was some type. I tried for you put all of your recipes in there and it got. So I mean, I spent like an hour doing it and I was like, I haven’t even been and I just gave up because it was, it was too much work just to try to get things centrally-located. So I love the idea of having something that would tell me where to go. Look for instead of trying to have it all in one. It was just a lot of work. I, I know that app and I know in the in the early two, thousands, every blogger and every podcast her was advertising affiliate links for that app, and it made me feel really small because I thought I can’t I can’t do this. It’s too exhausting to put all of my recipes in and everybody kept talking about how it changed their life and I actually have one friend that still uses it to this day and it works for her, but for me, it was daunting and it would it would take recipes and like change the portions there. And then so then I was looking at the recipe later and I was like, this is a diva. Have to go find it again cuz it wasn’t even translated properly. So the idea was good. But the execution was not I’m creating this new system, because I feel like so many people have recipes all over the place and people will tell you, oh, print them all out and put them in a binder in and like that is a lot of paper and it is. And so that’s why this new meal planning system. It’s going to be coming at it. Might even be out by the time. The stairs will see that all. I’ll get you an advance copy in the next week or so. So you could. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so I know that’s one of your challenges. What else are you facing? What are, what are the other challenges your face? And in your dinners will. Like I said, it’s really hard at night to to get much. Like I really, I love cooking a million years ago before we’re when I only had one. I went to school and did some training. It’s like professional, chef training, like I love doing it. I hate clean up, that’s Another thing but and that used to be my son’s job, but now that he’s working washing dishes. I feel a little guilty to be late. Coming home, wash their dishes, but the real challenge is just the timing is to cook during dinner. I like the only thing I’m really successful at that time as if I like your watch a show, which I’m okay with doing every once in awhile, but I really don’t like that. Being the go-to I need and then sometimes they’re not all content and I’m trying to, you know, balance a baby and and cook and it makes it it steals the joy out of it for me to be real honest because I’d love to cook. And ideally, I’d just do it, you know, with music and nobody bugging me, but that’s, you know, Fantasyland in my life right now. I don’t mind you no leftovers or cooking a different times. I just I would like to be eating I would like to be eating homemade meals, most the time and sometimes I just so I keep like some frozen things around because I’m like, I just can’t tonight, but I’d like to get just a better handle on it and the Thing is, I’ve been pregnant. I am worn out. I’m just really tired. So 3/4 comes around and I’m like everything from about 4 to bedtime is like just kind of getting it done and try to have a good attitude about it cuz I’m ready to go to bed at 4:00. So it’s just a weird season and a couple of Toddlers and I totally I totally can see that. Okay, so let me ask you a little bit about your day. Are there Pockets during the day that you might be able to do some of the prep for dinner. And I say this, because when I am working with families, no matter if it’s a stay-at-home mom or working mom. I am teaching families to separate the prep time from the cook time and everything else is there. Times during the day where you can catch, you know, 5-10 minutes to do some of the prep, maybe your salting chicken. Maybe you’re cutting vegetables. Maybe you’re making salads. Is that a possibility for you? Yeah. Yeah. We we tend to have kind of a crazy morning because the first offer, but wakes up and starving, and we got to do all that. And then the five year old and a little bit, kind of the three-year-old. We’re homeschooling this year. So it’s not, it’s not super intense because it’s really freaking order and stuff. But I like to get that kind of under about first thing in the morning once we get closer to, I don’t know. 10:11. So then like that, then I have kind of a chunk of time there and then sometimes they’re all that together, but not always. And then there’s kind of a, I don’t know who played pretty nice. I don’t know. If not, everybody is napping. That’s a little more challenging but there’s a few hours kind of 11121 and then maybe there’s some time at two or three as well, depending on that. Yes, so what I’m hearing there is there are little pockets of time, some pockets of time that I found for mothers, and your situation. That works, is that mid-morning snack time. They are physically eating. Sometimes, that’s a really good little time because you’re physically in the kitchen and you can do a little prep while they are occupied. So that’s something. The other thing is again, so I don’t recommend doing it during that time. But sometimes that post nap play time when they’re just brightly really harmonious that sometimes a really good time. I mean, that time always works, but I don’t always want people to have to use their nap times to fix dinner every once awhile. Now, if they’re napping, I also will do the same. That’s why I put sometimes there’s that little post naptime Bliss where everybody’s kind of in a pleasant mood so that snack there too. And those are the times where I recommend going into the kitchen and doing just a little bit of prep to fall and you do a lot of soups. Are you do you have a slow cooker or an instant pot? Or did you everything on the stove or the oven instapot? But which I use for soup and I also have just a ginormous like huge pot that I use pretty consistently for soup to just kind of pending on what I’m doing. Yeah, those two things can be really, really helpful, especially the instant pot because if you are doing that little tiny bit of prep, like during that late morning time, get everything and put it already into the liner of your instant pot and just leave the water in your refrigerator. And then when it comes to dinner time, you take that liner out, you put it in the instapot, you put the lid on and 30 minutes. Later Bing Bing, Ding dinner. There’s less mess. So you’re not having to like clean an extra bowl for the ingredients that you have prepped and ready and then when it’s dinner time and you got that time, the kids are underfoot and they are all hanging on the mom of my gosh. I had five five, and under at one point at all. You understand, at one point and I know that feeling of when they’re under foot, but if all you have to do is take the liner out and put it in the instant pot, then that is. So that’s a great idea. Yeah, that’s a great idea. I really try to keep ideally, I’d get as much done ahead of time if possible. Otherwise, I’ll end up being really either fall back on kind of the go-to as they’re super easy, which is fine. Sometimes War, I end up putting like, a frozen pizza in or something and I just would prefer not to do that very often. You know that that’s the thing is we all have Seasons or we all have days where the wheels fall off. But when I hit that season and you find that you’re hitting that back up me, like I talk about always have a backup, which is something that you can get on the table in 20 minutes or less with ingredients. You have in the house. If you find that you’re doing a backup meal, more than you would like. That’s when it’s time to start looking at. Okay. What time do I have? What kinds of recipes can I fit into this season of my life? Because I really believe, you know, you said, you went to school and had professional training and how their Seasons where I like I call it fancy girl food. I have a beer once once a year in January and I can not be a mommy and I could just be a lady and I can make me laugh. I love it and their Seasons where our focus is just being the family. Yes, but when that feeding the family And life is so stressful that you’re hitting back up after back up after backup. That’s when it’s time to start looking at. Okay, what kind of recipes can I fit with the time? That is my reality now, and your reality now is you don’t have a lot of energy, your husband works, crazy hours, and your kids are little, plus a teenager who floats in it outright. And so what can I do when the space you talked about how your kids, like chicken salad, and tuna salad and then you can make that up earlier in the day. I have known a lot of families that flip that hot meal from dinner to lunch, and that’s a little techniques. Sometimes that helps because sometimes at that lunch time, it’s easier to be in the kitchen cooking cuz you have that blue late morning. Quiet time. You can actually physically be cooking the hot meal. And then you have a cold meal, like sandwiches or salad, or things at night, and that works. Better what their schedule is that something that might help on a day or two. Yeah, that might be helpful, especially if I know my husband’s back. I’ll be home. He’s not picky. I’m really blessed. He will eat anything and never complain but I would like to try to make warm milk when I can but if if not for him to have it dinner time. I guess that’s another piece of it to, I tried to make him lunch, has fairly consistently. So I’m trying like I try to during kind of a scene of our pull aside enough that he has some leftovers to take with him to work, cuz he would really prefer not to be eating out. And financially is really not what we’re trying to do with our money. So yeah, so I’m trying to stay on top of that. But so can be kind of challenging to. I have my husband takes a lunch to work everyday from The Leftovers that we make. Is that something where he has access to a microwave, or are you putting it in thermoses for him? How does that work? Well, he has he actually set up his truck. Liking it has a mobile Workshop. It’s really a just say he has it set up so that he has a microwave in his truck so he can turn on his truck and use his microwave, whatever he wants. He’s really smart. It’s really interested. I think that is the coolest thing ever. I love it. It’s like its own little portable is although house away from home, for sure that I do is when I fix dinner for my family, I always fix one to two extra portions, and those become my husband’s lunches and my husband does not like to eat the same thing, two days in a row. So what I do is I keep those in a very specific container in the freezer, and then he just hates them. So, he might be eating something that we had for dinner 2 weeks ago. He just pulled it out and he put in the microwave at work at lunch hour. That way, there’s always something in his freezer and every once in a while. He’ll be like, I have nothing, but fish left and so we’ll have to like Rebalance that the freezer stash start thinking about that for your husband, start thinking about making a couple one or two extra portion and keeping them in the freezer so that you’re not chasing your tail. You’re ahead of ahead of yourself to ride and he can always pull that out and then reheat it for his lunches. Then on those days when he’s not home for dinner. He can reheat what you had for lunch, or he can pull something out of the freezer that you had in the past and he can have, you know, a hearty well-balanced home cooked meal without having to hit fast food and all that. Because that’s something that we value in our family to is my husband’s by like I just don’t want to be putting that in my body all the time and he feels really sluggish and gross afterwards. Yeah, so I have not thought about freezing a lie for you is like giant bags and like a right like taco meat or whatever in there and I’ve heard you talk about that before. But I hadn’t thought about like I could really frees up a size. Appropriate for him for a meal yesu smaller portion in the freezer can be a really, really great thing. What I usually recommend is finding a container. That is the container. Just for those freezer meals in our house. It’s I have some inexpensive like, you know, the Disposable Ziploc things where it’s like three bucks at the grocery store and you get like, four or five of them if they break or they fall apart, if they don’t come home, no big deal. I have one specific container. And those are the size that my husband’s meals, go in, goes for the grocery store or Walmart or wherever and see if you can find it, just semi disposable container that fits, you know his meal size portion and start and start just putting those aside. And in the beginning, it means that you’re going to be making larger portions of your dinner. Right. How to get your staff build up and then it’ll be just like making one or two extra portion and your son, when he gets tired of eating pizza all the time, which I was a missionary for a year and I was dealing with teenagers. And so whenever you’re bored teenagers are always bringing and pizza. And I ate pizza at 5 days a week for a year. And again, for like 3 years and didn’t eat pepperoni for like 6 years. And I hate that for him too. So that I think could be. But you know, we talked about just a little small rather than freezing large bags for the difference in your family. What are the challenges do you want to tackle? I guess the other thing is I didn’t really think about until just now but like breakfast. I used to be really good about being consistent having. It. Just kind of Hardie good breakfast and lately. I’ve been finding myself. Not as great about it, and it doesn’t help that my 5 and 3 year old has had their choice. Wheat, cereal, every single day. Even though I don’t buy. Like it’s like I feel like I’m kind of battling a monster I created but I don’t want them to eat. Cereal. Everyday still do oatmeal. They like yogurt and granola. I guess I’m limited on energy for the morning to but I guess it’d be nice to kind of think there’s some new I do breakfast. I love breakfast and I have family eat eggs. I don’t like eggs with weird. I love everything, but I’m not really in a good person. But most of them will eat eggs. Yes. Okay, like breakfast. Sausage, like, turkey. Breakfast. Sausage. Is that something they would like? Yeah, we generally don’t do a lot of work, but anything other than course, they’re pretty flexible with. I think I have a recipe on the website. I’ll link to it in the show notes for this episode for a homemade turkey sausage. And that is a little bit of a meal prep kind of thing, but I will make several pounds of this turkey sausage and it has turkey ground turkey poultry seasoning salt and a little bit of maple syrup. It’s really, really simple. It’s really, really clean originally would make it in logs and it would like slice it, like the Jimmy Dean needs slice of sausage patties, but I have actually most recently been making it into patties and putting On a sheet pan and freezing it with layers of parchment paper until they’re solid. And then I end up with all of these little patties and I can pull out five patties in the morning out of my freezer, put them in the pan. And in 7 minutes. I’ve got turkey sausage, which is nice and Hardy and my family to eat that run alongside a smaller bowl of cereal. They’re getting a little bit of protein and a ground turkey depending upon where you get it and what kind it’s usually less expensive than beef and other things to be feeding your family in the morning, right? So, that recipe might be a good thing for you. Would, your family like breakfast sandwiches? I don’t know that my girls would go for that. My husband was my husband would love that. He was so my son probably but I don’t know that my girls would go for it. You could take a little piece of that cooks, turkey breakfast, sausage put it on English, muffin or a bagel that’s been toasted with a piece of cheese and wrap them individually in baggies for your husband and son that cell phone. Cremate. So, you know, Sunday when you got a little window of time, or maybe you got a babysitter or your son’s home to help with the little ones, you could do a little bit of that and keep those in the freezer. My other goes to for breakfast is a baked oatmeal, oatmeal, because you get it in the pan the night before, keep it in the refrigerator. And then all you have to do is take the container out of the refrigerator and put it in the oven. It takes 20 or 30 minutes. So I’m usually, like, the first thing I wake up, I go downstairs. Put the bacon in the oven and I come up in like, wash my face brush my teeth to all of that, because it takes a little bit of time, super fast breakfast. But if you have it all, prepped, the night before, and just throw that in the oven and all sorts of different flavors on there. And if you’ve had culinary training, you can take the basic recipe and make all sorts of different flavors that are wearing. I haven’t really tried that. I think my girls would like that. Yeah, it has a little bit of eggs in it. So you’re getting some protein but it’s not like you’re eating an egg. My family’s. All right, big on eggs either. And we had one kid that had a real big egg intolerance. And I really think there’s something like in our genes that our family just is not that big on eggs or not kind of books up the protein in there and there’s you know, the hearty oatmeal and you can adjust the sugar level up or down to your family’s taste. I’ve got one with lemon and blueberries and one with cranberries and orange and said there’s a pumpkin spice first thing in the morning. What does it kind of? Does it kind of come out as like as two squares? Oh, and I like the edge pieces, because they get kind of a little crusty on the edges or space. Okay, my kids, actually, I’ll put it in a bowl and they’re poor milk over it or even like half a half if I’m trying to get, especially if you got two kids that you trying to get a few more calories in in the morning, which I’ve got a couple of kids, all of them on how far you want to go with it. I like, there’s a little protein. Make it a little bit of fat. They’ve got some Fiber and it’s it’s just a nice little hearty breakfast. That is super easy to make and is really inexpensive as nice. So that’s one of the other recipe, if you’re trying to get kids, something hearty is breakfast cookies. I have these breakfasts that have I got two versions one that uses canned pumpkin and ghost kind of pumpkin spice directions. The other one uses mashed bananas and there’s peanut-butter and oats a little bit of flour. A little bit of butter and they are kind of like a dense muffin. So there are soft, kind of, kind of cookie. And I have found that if my kids eat one of those breakfast cookies, with like a glass of milk. It is a stick to your ribs, kind of party because there’s a lot of fat with the peanut butter and oats and milk, kind of adds a little bit of protein to it. So you got the protein in the fat and I often recommend that for families that have athletes, that they’re trying to get a snack into them before. They’re going to a practice in the afternoon. I make these up in giant batches and then I freeze them. My kids that was getting that question. Some people from the night before. Like, if you’re going to have breakfast cookies, taking out the freezer, set them on the counter in a container and they’ll be thawed by the next morning or you could toss them in the microwave for just one day that my kids actually like them a little bit Frozen. So, if your kids like that or specially if you’ve got, you know, a little kids, it’s cutting a tooth or something to go with little because they were fast easy. I can pull them out of the freezer. I can make 36 of them in one Fell Swoop and just pull them out. So the cookies are really great. So we kind of gave you a few ideas. Look at that, turkey, sausage and have the patties all made up. So you can just quick, fry him up in the morning. Look at that baked oatmeal that you can prep the night before and just throw in the oven or look at these breakfast cookies. And those are kind of some new cut, a hearty breakfast going to get all of them are really inexpensive, which I like to it’s cheaper than cereal. Cereal gets expensive. It really does in the end, they eat it and then 10 minutes later. They’re hungry and I’m like, oh great. Yeah, maybe have some of that turkey sausage with a smaller bowl of cereal. I like it and I feel like the breakfast. If you think, we’ll go over good to just cuz it’s called a cookie right to really yummy. I I love them. And again, they’re Hardy serving with a glass of milk or something. And you’ve got like a stick to your ribs, kind of breakfast. It keeps you going. That’s perfect. Thank you so much fun. I am so glad that you were able to join us for others that have listened to this. This is what it’s like to be coached by me. When you listen to the podcast, you’ll know that it’s always about just small little tweaks, that can make a big difference in your life. And if you’re interested in coming on, are just like Carmen has, I have an application at Feed your family. Tonight. Calm Supply. It wasn’t too scary. Was it common? Doing this for now. Take care.

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