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Welcome to the feed, your family tonight, podcast. Do you dread hearing the question? What’s for dinner? Whether you spend your days, keeping up with toddlers, running kids to after-school, activities are juggling, a career and family getting dinner on the table. Can be a struggle for us all. I don’t receive a box, a business owner wife, and mom of four. I’m on a mission to build stronger families. One dinner at a time. And I’m here with tips, tricks and inspiration. You need to feed your family tonight. Hello, friends, welcome to the Future family tonight, podcast episode 159. I’m your host Marie fiebach and I’m so happy to be here with you today. Today. We are going to be talking about fall fruits. I’m going to talk about some of the fruits that are in season during the fall. And I’m going to tell you how to eat them how to clean them. Because some of them are a little precarious and we’ll get into that in a little bit. But before we do that, I want to give you a little bit of background of your family tonight that you may have noticed. But you may not know what’s really happening with them and I thought I would share because it’s kind of fun. If you have been following feature family tonight on social media and the past few months, you’ve noticed that the podcast episodes have a different look for their social media posts and they kind of go into really bright colors and they have little white icons on them. But you may not know that each of those colors, and each of those icons have a little bit of a meeting, and the meeting is kind of loose. But when you scroll through each of these colors are tied to kind of a specific topic when it comes to feed your family tonight, if all of the colors of the rainbow, it goes with some of the new branding that’s been happening since the summer and feed your family tonight and these colors all have kind of little meeting. So the first color is a red and at the top there is a icon of a clock and anytime that there’s a red podcast. I’m talking about time time management how to cook dinner faster how to get dinner on the table when you don’t have time. Anything that has to deal with time is often categorized as a red topic, the orange, which is today’s podcast has a little carrot icon at the top and the Orange is what I’m talking about food and ingredients. The yellow has a lemon icon at the top and that is usually something personal. It’s either an on-air coaching call or I’m sharing something personal about myself just behind the scenes of Murray and the fee box family in that type of thing. But the yellow is kind of has a personal touch to it. The green has little measuring cup at the top and that’s what I’m talkin about recipes. Things that have to do with recipes. I’ve got one coming up on substitutions that you can make for recipes. Blue has a little salt shaker at the top and blue is when I’m talking about skills. So I had one on knife skills. I have one on salt in your food. I love the little salt shaker because if you’ve been around feature family tonight for a hot minute, you know, I have a little bit obsessive about salt. I’m kind of assaults knob and I really believe that people need to be using salt more and using the right kinds of salt so that they can get the most flavor in. The purple is the last one. It has kind of a little knife and fork icon at the top. And when I cut the purple a talking about motivation, that’s where I kind of get into. The topics of the emotional, burden of feeding, your family are how to feed your family when you don’t feel like cooking, but it has to do a little bit with motivation and helping you stay on track feeding your family and not feeling discouraged when you’re hitting the drive-thru but find ways to make dinner work in your home. So it’s just kind of little background about what’s been happening with the social media post. When you go to the feature family tonight website, you can click on the podcast Tab and you can kind of scroll down and see all of the colors and you know, that each of those colors is kind of a general idea of what this podcast is going to be about. And so I have six colors and for the most part I pretty much just rotate straight down the rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and I get a variety of Topics in the feed, your family tonight podcast. So if you didn’t know, that’s what was Happening, with all of the bright posts in the bright colors. It’s a little bit of a way to give our brains a way to say. Oh, that’s what she’s going to be talking about today. I just think it’s fun and bright and colorful and add some meaning to what’s happening on the podcast podcast. And we like to talk about food and ingredients. In today’s topic is fall fruits. I love fall fruits. They are probably some of my favorites. I also really like winter, when we get deep into the Citrus. That’s part of the reason. Why the yellow with the lemon is my personal because it’s one of my personal favorites, but fruits are really fun. I’m going to do a quick rundown of some of the fruits that are in season in fall, and then I’m going to come back and I’m going to dig deep into a few of these fruits, soap, fruits that are in season in Fall, Of course, apples. Everybody knows. Apples are fall fruit. Figs grapes are And at the end of their season, but there’s late-season grapes, limes are kind of at the beginning of their season, but they’re surely season Lyme’s pairs. Pomegranates Quince and persimmon are all kind of some fall fruit, snap. Some of those you may have had experience with and some of them, you may not have to start with pomegranates. I can remember the exact first time I ever had a pomegranate. I was in college. It was 1996, the fall of 1996 and a gal who lives across the hall from me. Her name is Heidi and she offered me a little bit of her pomegranate and I had never had a pomegranate, just Kansas girl did not live a very exotic life. I mean, it was exotic to get fresh raspberries around my house, but I loved the pomegranate and she shared with me some of the pomegranate seeds and I just thought they were absolutely delicious. I know how hard she has worked to extract. All of the seeds from the pomegranate fruit. If you have not tried to clean a pomegranate, there are tricks to make it easier. There are a lot of YouTube videos that you can go and look at and some of them will teach you how to cut it and then just kind of bang the outside with a wooden spoon. I found for me that doesn’t work super well, but the best trick I have ever learned for cleaning. Pomegranate seeds is to do it in a bowl of cool water because when you open up a pomegranate, there are the little seeds that are in these jewels of glossy, fruit teeny, tiny, jewels of glossy fruit, and that they’re surrounded by this. But you’re kind of a creamy, yellow light, yellow pissed that you don’t want to have with the seat. The Seas will sink to the bottom of the water and the yellow pith will float to the top and it helps you separate the seeds from the pith. Much easier. So, I love doing my pomegranates in a bowl of water. The other trick that I learned is that if you can cut the pomegranate skin, without getting too deep into the flesh, along the Equator of the pomegranate. If you think it’s a pomegranate, as a globe and you have the flower end on one side and then you have the bottom on the other, if you cut Ride Along, where the equator of the globe would be. So, right along the center, and you kind of just barely go through the skin without getting into the flesh, then you can kind of twist the pomegranate apart. When you’re going to end up with two halves and they are going to have the seeds that are almost in like a star shape around, and you can gently turn that pomegranate inside out, and the nice chunks, for lack of a better word of all of these Beauties pomegranate seeds will come out in beautiful clumps, and then you could just kind of rub them off with your fingers into that water. And if you have any of that, yellow crab yellow pith, it’ll just float to the top. And that is how I clean a pomegranate. If you have a better way of cleaning a pomegranate and you swear by the spoon method, I want to meet you in the future, family type a sweep through because I am all ears if you want to learn because one of the things about pomegranates is it’s a lot of work for a little bit of fruit. They’re so delicious. And they’re so bright in there. So cheery, and there’s just something really neat about these like juicy little orbs of wheat are pomegranate seeds that I love. So, if you got a better method, you let me know. The next fruit that you may not have had a lot of experience with is Quince Quince. They kind of look like a misshapen pair and they are ridiculously tart and sour. You really cannot eat them. Unless you have cook them. I have never personally actually cooked with Quince, but my sister-in-law, anytime she has a charcuterie board. She almost always has a little bit of quince paste there and it is the most delicious side to a charcuterie board. It’s thicker than a jam. Quince paste is made from the slow-cooked pulled of the Quince and it gets this kind of Chi-Chi Rosy color and Quints naturally has a ton of pectin in it cranberries, which actually I didn’t say at the beginning. There also in season in the fall and apples both have a lot of pectin in them. Quince has even more in pectin is what makes things like jams and jellies. Get to that thick consistency. The Quince has natural pectin in it, and you can make it into this paste by cooking the Flesh of the Quince down and then straining off any water because you have to cook it kind of in water. Then you puree the the Quints and that grainy texture of a pair almost and then cook it with sugar. And then it forms this like, gelatinous paste, that is absolutely delicious. You put a little slice of that with some sharp cheese and some nice fatty Meats on a charcuterie board and it is absolutely delicious. So, I am a fan of buying Queen space rather than making my own, but if you wanted to be ambitious, you could make your own, but it comes from this fruit. That is looks kind of like a funny shape pear and cannot be eaten unless it’s cooked, but it’s absolutely delicious. When it’s as with sugar and cooked. Another fruit that you may or may not be familiar with is the persimmon Persimmons. Are a fruit that come into season and they almost look like tomatoes. They had to have that skin like a tomato and they are absolutely delicious but they need to be right in order for you to enjoy them. And there’s two kinds of varieties of persimmons and I cannot even pronounce the name, so I’m not even going to try but one of them starts with an f and they look more like kind of like a Squatty tomato and then the other one starts with an h and they have more of like a almost like a teardrop shape and their skin is a little bit softer. That the ones that looks kind of like a Squatty tomato. They have kind of a flat bottom and they have a hole on top and you kind of have to cut out the hole in the core almost like a strawberry. Strawberry has that leaf and then a little bit of that hole at the top. And these are really good Slice on charcuterie boards. The outside skin can be a little bit tough and they can be eating, you want to eat them. Right? But they don’t have to be like crazy crazy crazy, right? The other ones that are shaped more of like a teardrop. They have to be eaten. Like so right there, almost rotting. And the skin is a little bit softer, but when you slice them, they kind of tend to break down and their best for, like, cooking. And that type of thing, you really, they won’t have a pretty shape on a charcuterie board for you. While that once that are little bit flat in squatty, or I will have to just a beautiful shape on the charcuterie board for you. You can also buy them dried. One thing about Persimmons is that they ripen after they’ve been picked, so you can buy them when they’re still hard and just let them ripen. You can leave them on your counter to ripen or if you want to ride them in a little bit faster. I’ve talked about this before how bananas release ethylene gas and they cause fruit to ripen faster so you can put them in a brown paper, sack with a ripe banana and the bananas going to release that ethylene gas and it’s going to help them ripen a little bit faster. Kind of like peaches to beaches do that. They ripen after they have been picked and so it gives you a little bit more time to ship them in that type of thing. So Persimmons are really fun and really delicious and I absolutely love them. Another one of my absolute favorite fall fruit is pears and there are lots of different varieties of pears. Some of that are different colors and my favorite way to eat, pears is post. This is one of the most underrated recipes on my website that I absolutely love is poached pears. My children think that it is the best dessert I’ve ever made in my life? And they are so simple to make. I take pears, and I peel with a peeler, and then, I slice them in half from pole to pole. So, from the stem to the bottom in, and I core out the snow. And that seeds that are in the center and then place them in a skillet with a little bit of sugar and cinnamon sticks and allspice has put in a few peppercorn. I put in Star and he’s sometimes if you like that kind of licorice flavor almost like you’re making like a mulled cider and then I put a little bit of wine and let them just gently cook in the wind with the sugar and the spices. And you end up with these soft pairs that are laced with warm fall spices and just a little bit sweet. I don’t put much sugar in them just a little bit of sugar and they are absolutely delicious. If you use red wine, they’re going to get this pretty bright Jewel color on the outside that use use white wine that kind of maintain their natural beautiful hair color and either way, they are so so delicious, I love them with both red wine. And white wine is one of my favorite ways to use up like a half a bottle of wine that has been at the back of refrigerator. And, you know, that it’s going to start turn into vinegar. Soon. You can, I’ll even breathe wine that I know. I’m not going to drink and just have it for poached pears during The Fall season. I will often serve them with a friend and glaze for like a really fancy dessert and crew make life sounds really fancy, but it’s really simple. It’s just a really kind of a thin cutter that has vanilla beans in it. I’ll serve these post pears on a bed of this fatty custard, and you get kind of the earth Venus of the pair, and the warm spices. And then you get the creaminess of the crime and glace and all my goodness friends. It is like my favorite fancy dessert, but what I love about it is you can completely make it ahead of time, so I can post the Paris like 2 or 3 days ahead of time. I can make Glace the night before at because it’s better after it’s chilled in the refrigerator and eat anyway, and then all I have to do is just played it to serve and it is just my favorite fancy dessert. Now my kids they don’t like the place. They don’t want the custard. They just want copious amounts of these post hairs and they’re not busy. By the time you get to them all. The alcohol cook out of the wine because they gently simmer and all the alcohol burns off. But and if you don’t like alcohol, you can use like an apple cider and that works just by their delicious Post in apple cider or even apple juice and they are so so good, but that is like, my favorite fancy fall. Fruits. The other fruit. That is so, funny, is figs. Fresh figs were very hard to come by and Kansas until recently when they became kind of all she. She and I love a fresh fig, but what I love even more are dropped fix, which were the figs that I kind of grew up with. I hear either going to love me. You’re going to hate me, but I love myself a good Fig Newton. I love the taste. I love kind of the grainy texture that’s on the inside the same with the dried figs. There is a local Lebanese Market here and they have these amazing packages of dried figs. And again, talking about charcuterie boards, back when I was talking about the Persimmons, is dried, figs or fresh? Figs are both amazing on a charcuterie board. The dry thinks you can kind of enjoy year-round. So that’s today’s episode. It’s an orange episode about the ingredients of fall fruits. I hope that you can enjoy some of these. Call fries. And if you haven’t dug into some of these things like Persimmons or Quince that are little, bit more exotic. Maybe they won’t be quite as intimidating. If you see one in the grocery store. Maybe you’ll try one again with that Quince. You’re going to have to cook it and the pomegranates if you know a better way than to cut it into the water. Let me know. Cuz I’m all ears. If you want me over in the future family tonight, Facebook group, and we’re going to talk about some fruit for now friends. I hope you’re doing well. Thank you.

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