Episode 16: Real Food on a Budget with Cheapskate Cook, Steph Jenkins

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Steph Jenkins, of Cheapskate Cook joins Marie to talk about feeding your family real food on a tight budget.

Steph and Marie talk about how to start feeding your family real food on a budget.

The talk about grocery shopping and how Steph wants to be honest with people by not having them visit several stores a week. She talks about the kind of eggs she buys and how to prioritize your shopping list for real food even when money is tight.

You can find Steph

Website: https://www.cheapskatecook.com/

Instagram: @CheapskateCook

Get her cookbook: https://www.cheapskatecook.com/dinner-for-a-dollar/

Find the recipe for Picadillo: https://www.cheapskatecook.com/picadillo-mexican-beef-potato-stew/

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