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Welcome to the feed, your family tonight, podcast. Do you dread hearing the question? What’s for dinner? Whether you spend your days, keeping up with toddlers, running kids to after-school, activities are juggling, a career and family getting dinner on the table. Can be a struggle for us. All I don’t Rafi, Bok, a business owner wife, and mom of four. I’m on a mission to build stronger families. One dinner at a time. And I’m here with tips, tricks and inspiration. You need to feed your family tonight. Hello, friends, welcome to the Future family tonight. Podcast episode 167. I am so happy to be here with you today on your host Marie fiebach. And today, we are going to be talking about how to get out of a dinner, right, you know, we all have times where we feel like we’re making the same meals over and over again. And today, I have four tips to get you out of that rut. And the last one is my favorite. So, stick around for that tip number for the first. 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Get 50% off your first month plus free shipping with the code. F y, f t for feed your family tonight at kiwico.com. That’s 50% off. Your first month at kiwico calm use the promo code f y f t. Friend. Dinner rats are real. We all have a time where we feel like we are in a rut in January is often a time where we wanted. Can I freshen things up? Remember years ago? I was in a moms group at church and we had a speaker come and she talked about how January was her busiest month as an interior decorator because during December, everybody’s house is all dressed with all their Christmas decorations and they get all the Christmas decorations put away and they’re sitting in their home there. Thinking. Oh gosh, Everything feels tired and dull and I’m ready for something new. And so then they would call The Decorator to have her come and help them freshen up her their homes, in January. And I feel like that kind of happens with our meals to we kind of had some wintry weather in November and December. And in January that hard cold, wintry hits at least in my part of the country. Everything just feels dull and tired, and we feel like we’re having the same things over and over again. So today, I have four tips to help you get out of that dinner at and kind of freshen the things that you are making the tip. Number one is that it’s okay to be boring. I recorded episode a long time ago, episode 90 about how it’s okay to be boring. And you may not want to hear that as your first hip and getting out of your dinner rut, but I want to start with acknowledging that there are seasons of life when you are in survival mode. And the best thing you can do is just put your head down and make the same meals over and over again. And just get by. I said before that feeding your family is enough, and if you are in a really busy or tough season of life, you’re not going to have the bandwidth for the creativity that these other three tips are going to have. And I just want you to know that that Okay, we all have seasons where we’re just doing the best we can and it’s okay to be really boring. Okay, so tip number two is a little bit more practical for actually getting out of your dinner. Right? And that is to make small tweaks to your regular me. You don’t necessarily need to have a complete arsenal of new recipes. Small changes can really freshen up your regular repertoire. So for example, you can make chicken tacos. Instead of beef tacos. So, you’re switching out the protein but using the same flavors, you can use a different shape of pasta. Something as simple as switching from spaghetti to Wagon Wheels or bow ties or penne can really make a big difference. And while we’re on the topic of pasta, instead of having your pasta and is scooping the sauce over the top of it, which is how we usually serve it at our home. What if you mix the pasta with the sauce? Threw it in the casserole dish, topped it with a little bit of cheese and baked it for 15 minutes. You’re still having basically the same ingredients, but it feels totally different. I actually totally did this last week. My Meal plan has spaghetti on the list and one of my children who isn’t the biggest fan of spaghetti grumbled. And so I said, you know what, we don’t have to have spaghetti. So I made baked penne and I took my jar of pasta sauce and I cooked my hamburger and I cooked penne pasta instead of spaghetti and I mix it all together, put it in a casserole dish, through some cheese on half of it half. My family doesn’t like cheese. So half the family had cheese, have the family didn’t have cheese and it was a totally different meal or I could have swapped out the beef for sausage small little tweaks, with the same ingredients can make the meals peel fresh. If you’re making a lot of broth-based soups, add some cream to the broth base soup, and maybe add a little bit of rude that you’ve made. Were you take a little bit of butter in a little bit of flour and you cook it for a couple minutes and then add the cream to that. So that it thickens the soup and you have this Thick and creamy soup. That was just a regular vegetable soup or regular chicken soup, making it creamy can be a way of changing it. Or you can swap out dumplings or rice for the regular noodles or get some of that Frozen tortellini or some of the shelf-stable tortellini. Swap-out tortellini for your favorite noodle in your soup and see how your family likes the difference. You don’t have to have all new things to freshen up old recipes and it can make a big difference. Tip number 3, try a new recipe. I know, I know that sounds obvious. But the hardest part for new recipes for me is finding ones that beat all of my picky families preferences. I can see you all. Not it. But yes, that is the hardest part of finding new recipes. I actually recorded an entire podcast on how to pick a recipe. Your family will actually eat. It’s episode 146. So if you’re really interested in that, take a deep dive and we’ll listen to that episode. Let me give you some of the highlights. The biggest thing is that you don’t want to change too many things at a time, for your family. And I use the example. You don’t want to go from a spaghetti and meat sauce to a chickpea Curry. You want to either change the Main Ingredients or you want to change the flavors, but don’t see them both at the same time. So going from a spaghetti and meat sauce to a chickpea, Curry. Changing it from meat to a legume and you’re changing the flavors from oregano and garlic. Two flavors that are Curry flavors, like coriander and cumin. you would be more successful if you may be started to make a Meet Curry, where you still have the tomato sauce and you still have the meat but you changed, the flavors from oregano to the curry, or make a lentil spaghetti sauce. Make a meatless spaghetti sauce where you have the garlic in the oregano and the tomatoes, you still have those flavors, but you changed from a meat to a lentil. When you are looking at recipes online in magazines and cookbooks, I said over and over again. There are a million recipes in the palm of your hand and it’s so easy to scroll and scroll, and scroll, and not find ones. That work is start feeling defeated. So when you find recipes or you’re looking at recipes, I want you to ask yourself two questions. The first thing is, what in this recipe is familiar to my family. The second question you want to ask is what in this recipe is different than things. I am already making now. Most people are probably asking those two questions at a subconscious level. Anyway, as they’re scrolling through this recipes, they’re already thinking what is familiar and what is different about this recipe than something? I already baked, but I want you to start consciously asking those to question every time you look at a new recipe and you are evaluating it as a possibility to bring in your help. When you are asking those two questions intentionally, it will be easier for you to choose recipes that are half familiar and half new. And when you’re using recipes that are half a million and a half new, you are more likely to have buying from your family when you make it for them to take. Number three, is try a new recipe. Tip number for this is, my favorite tip is to go to a new grocery store. There is something about walking into a Whole Foods or Trader Joe. Sometimes that says, yes, I’m going to make a sweet potato, gnocchi with a garlic Sage cream sauce and poached salmon with an escarole and arugula salad with champagne vinaigrette. Sometimes just seeing the food display differently or in a more beautiful way. You can walk past a meat case and see a cut of meat or a cut of fish that you haven’t made in a long time, can spark your creativity. But when you go to this new grocery store, I want to do a couple of things. The first thing is, I want you to give yourself time. Don’t make this like a 15-minute trip to the grocery store. Give yourself 45 minutes to an hour to leisurely walk through the grocery store. And if possible give yourself a little bit of blow money in your budget, so that you can buy something that might be a little more expensive than you usually buy, but it might spark some creativity. So, even 10 or $20 extra can really help you be a little bit more creative as you’re walking through the grocery store. The other thing is, when you’re doing this, try not to have it, be like your weekly grocery trip. Make a special trip to the store just to walk through and think of something for one meal to give yourself a little bit of creativity for one meal. And I tell you what happens when you do this is first of all, just slowing down and going through the store with a little extra time, can spark creativity. You can see something and you’re like, oh my God, I haven’t made a recipe with that ingredient in ages, but I have a recipe for sheet pan sausage and veggies or something. And you see the beautiful Peppers that are lined up in the grocery store. Or you see the sausage? You like? Oh my gosh. I haven’t made that recipe in a long time. So you’ll remember an old recipe that you used to make. And it reminds you that you haven’t made it in a while. The second thing that sometimes happens is also a new product and maybe it’s a marinade or do cut of meat or fish for the butcher case, or it might be a veggie that I’ve never cooked with or haven’t used in a long time today. I bought some kale. I had a slower trip to the grocery store and I have not bought kale literally in years friends. My family is not so big on the greens and I haven’t bought kale in a long time, but a friend was talking about a kale and sausage soup. And I was in the grocery store and I was walking through the produce aisle. And I saw this beautiful display of kale and I was like, you know what, I’m going to make that kale and sausage soup that Betsy was talking about today. It was on the dinner sisters podcast. I’ll link to it. My friend Betsy and her sister Kate have a really fun podcast and they were talking about this kale and sausage soup, and I saw the, K-Love, the grocery store, and I was like, yeah, I’m going to get some Kayla. So tonight on my menu is kale and sausage soup, you go to the store and it Sparks a conversation that you had or remind you of something that you saw and you’ll get a little bit more creative. The other thing is to look at the end caps in the grocery store, in caps are the ends of the aisles. And often times. There will be promotional items there when a company is, Watching a new products. They will pay for space, on the in caps, in the grocery stores. That’s where people do a lot of impulse buys. And it’s often a great way to find new products that you’ve never tried them. Most of the time. I’m going to tell you, resist, the in caps because they are meant to be impulse items. But when you’re trying to get out of the dinner, right? And impulse item may be exactly what you need to spark some creativity. So, pay attention to the in caps because they’re usually things that are new or things that are seasonal that help you plan meals, that you can go home and make tonight. So to recap, first thing is, it is okay to be boring. You can make small tweaks to some of your regular meals, that will make a big difference and makes them feel fresh all over again. You can try a new recipe. Just remember to ask those two questions when you’re evaluating a new recipe. What about this recipe is familiar. What about this recipe is different and try and find recipes that are about half and half and go to a different grocery store with a little bit of time and just a little bit of extra money in your budget, so that you can have the brain space to be creative and try new things. All of these ideas can help pull you out of a dinner rut and I want to know, what do you do when you’re at a dinner, right? To pull yourself out of that. Rut share with me in the future, family tonight, Facebook group, or if you take a grocery shopping trip to a new grocer. Pick a little picture and tag me on Instagram. I would love to see the things that spark creativity for you. Pronounce, France.