Welcome to the Future family tonight, podcast. Do you dread hearing the question? What’s for dinner? Whether you spend your days, keeping up with toddlers, running kids to after-school, activities are juggling, a career and family getting dinner on the table. Can be a struggle for us all. I’m a Rafi box. A business owner wife, and mom of four. I’m on a mission to build stronger families. One dinner at a time. And I’m here with tips, tricks and inspiration. You need to feed your family tonight. Welcome to the Future family tonight, podcast Danna. I am so happy to be here with you today. How are you doing? I am, I am doing great. And I have been very excited about this interview. So I can’t wait for the feeling is, mutual because I met you online through being part of your group coaching program. So it’s really fun to be taking a couple minutes to meet you face-to-face, but you are the owner of Boss, mom, and you are a mother. So imma let you to tell us a little bit about what your life is, like, what dinner is, like, in your home and the ages of your children? Okay, so I have been a single-payer co-parenting. Parents. I like to say, I’m not really single parent, but co-parenting parent for the last 4 years. So since the last four years is very different from when it was like the normal family situation and you put dinner on the table when I have my children half the time. So so the Cynthia of Cooking For Kids versus not is always, it’s a challenge still like meal prepping is hard when you have children on two days off, two days, that kind of thing. Our dinner. I live in San Diego and in and we use our kind of dining area. I’ve converted into an office. So we don’t have, but we love picnicking and we love, you know, we all sit around at our, in our kind of kitchen island. We will sit outside will do different things like that, but we don’t do like, we don’t always do that sort of traditional eating all. At the same time. I grew up in a family where we didn’t really do dinners in the same way. So sometimes we’re all not even necessarily eating at the same time and I’m not massively disciplined about that because it works really well for us. We don’t do like it’s not like they’re watching movies while we’re doing it or doing things like that, but it’s death. Like, I I go with the flow. I have two kids. They’re both have very different views on what good food is. But that looks like and they constantly change your mind about things. So never buy anything in bulk when you have a 6 year old because they will tell you that the all they want to eat is one thing and then the moment you buy a large quantity of it. They’ve decided they hate it and they don’t want anymore. So yeah, I just, I have mentioned before we hit record. I used to love to cook. I would like take off a day from work, back in the day and make like, a whole meal and have a party with the theme. I cook all day and I feel like my children have killed that part of me that just enjoys cooking cuz it’s a pain in the butt, but you’re not alone because our children, sometimes it feels like it sucks the creativity out of us. And I hear that fighting so much, right. I swear that I hear that in your voice and it’s, it’s always a balancing act. I have a couple of things. The first thing is, is that longtime listener people know that I will say, it’s okay to be boring. So, if you find that you’re having the same things over and over again, I give you full permission to keep doing that if it works. For you, but I hear in your voice that it works and then you get tired of it. Is that? Yeah. Yeah, and it’s I find that. Yeah, I go into the grocery store and I just don’t know, you know, I had mentioned, before you record that, I am not a big like sauce, casserole, Lee sort of person. Generally. I like going to the grocery store, a couple days. And so that everything is more fresh. I live in Southern Cal for that. Just like a more of a style of the way. We live here. Yeah, so it’s like, I don’t mind saying like I don’t mind playing, but I definitely have like it’s hard to get your kids to eat. But look at all the things I would eat. Like, with I’m having lunch. I take a ton of vegetables including beets, and brussel sprouts, and like things that nobody likes and I will cook them. I buy bake them. So they’re delicious and then I will Blake siphon them off into little tubs and I have like a little side of, you know, peanut sauce or something like that and I would literally just eat a Gob of delicious vegetables. I mean get a child to do that. It’s just I’ll do my daughter. Likes raw, sweet potatoes. I don’t even know. I don’t even know if that’s a thing. I think about vegetables and kisses. I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not a dietitian but my experience dealing with families. Hundreds of families is that raw is a really good way to get kids to start trying new vegetables. So the fact that she will eat a raw, sweet potato, I think is great because raw sweet potatoes eventually turn into cook. My children do not prefer cooked vegetables at all. And we have got to the point where they will eat all the salad in the world. So I start every meal off with a big raw salad and no one gets the entree until everybody’s had their salad and that way, I know they got the vegetables in the first and then to be really honest with you. Our family eats probably similar the way you do, where it might be like a piece of meat and maybe a veggie or maybe a starched, but we’ve had a salad and then the entree is really basic and really simple. We would need to look at a way of May. That really simple be not mundane for you. But I like the idea of salad. I feel like I haven’t, I haven’t really tried to give my kids a ton of salad to be honest and maybe we could test out some, you know, some ways to get that. Get that going. I like that idea has worked really well. For a lot of people is they will buy one of those pre-made veggie trays that you can get at the grocery store like something that you would grab and take to a barbecue or a party. And they will pull that out like, during that witching hour, where your kids are hungry after school and their snack and dinner, isn’t quite ready to smile and they will pull that out. And in their mind, that is the beginning of dinner. But in their kids mind, that is snack. And so it becomes kind of the vegetable for the dinner. So the pressure to have the veggies is off the mom, but they’re still getting the veggies and the kids are having something to snack on that you approve. While you’re finishing up that last little bit of dinner and those pre-made veggie trays. There is no cleaning. There is no washing. There is no cutting. They are all done and ready to go. So that might be something that would work in your home is that you notes? Buy one of those. Yeah. Okay. So here’s a question that I have never done that before, right. So the kids are going to come home. So, how do you take something that you haven’t like a habit? You haven’t installed and get cuz, you know, I’m going to put the trash out there cuz I know we fight. So, busy. Basically, we’re just for, for however long it takes. You put the trash out and then you just go see. There’s nothing is the only thing you can eat until the until they slowly just given. Well, that’s one way or there’s other ways to make the trip. So, do your kids, like, dips or Rancher? Nothing like that or not. Really? Yeah, the whole Ranch. Yeah, I mean Bordetella, they love Nutella, which I don’t want to have all the time. It’s basically sweet chocolate, but there will dipstick the Nutella and peanut butter sometimes, but sometimes it’s difficult, but when my daughter decide, because they’ll be madly in love with something and then they’ll be like, we don’t like that anymore. So maybe I just rotate dips. I love that idea of rotating disk. And so, you know, what Nutella and carrots is kind of good Nutella, and celery is kind of good. So you could you could throw out some carrots and celery. Some, with some Nutella. You can throw out some ranch with some cucumbers and some broccoli. And yes, when you are introducing new things to your kids. I’m really not a fan of like tricking or saying that we’re going to do something special in and out his play vegetables, you know. Why can’t I be so pissed off my 20, they’d be mad. And so, and so what you can say is, you know, give him like a regular, like after-school snack. Are you guys in the habit of kind of an after-school snack anyway or not. So, get in the habit of a regular after school snack. And then when that, when you’re kind of finishing up dinner or starting to cook dinner, just put the tray out and say, hey, if you guys are hungry, you can start eating. This is part of dinner tonight, okay? For you saying that it’s part of dinner. I think my actually help other families you just put it out and it’s snack, but from what I’m hearing from you saying that it’s just kind of parted dinner, may actually entice them to eat more of it. Sounds okay. So try that technique you talked before offline. If you want to talk a little bit about snacks are snacks a frustration, or are they under control? I don’t know if I have anything under control when it comes to feeding my children, so best. But yes, snacks are. It was funny. Is I still like my kids would go. Oh, yeah, we’re fine. Like, we just great. We we, you know, there’s no problem. I find it. I go into the grocery store and I find myself wandering around being like, what do I do with myself? Because I don’t want to just buy a bunch of dummies for them to eat. I don’t want to just buy a bunch of cereals are. So I’m a healthy eater. And so what I can. But I also realize and I was my kids age. I didn’t like Brussels a plate of Brussel sprouts because if you know, I was craving it. You know, now I’m like, I think I’m going to just make some beets and goat cheese and my kids for like, who are you? But I didn’t care about those things when I was their age. So I go into the grocery store and I need this help. Weiss. And it’s hard to see why people don’t make healthy things for kids. Like, I would tell any, grown adult not to eat cereal bars. They’re probably like, one of the worst things made, but they all, that’s all they make for kids. So it’s, it’s hard because it’s like, nobody makes things that could be snack wise for your children aren’t terrible. So do your kids lean more towards the salty, crunchy, or to the suite, or the chewy. What are there? What are their face? So my daughter is the salty, crunchy and my son would be the speech. Okay. So you got one of each. Are you attached to the idea of packaged snacks or with the thought of a little bit of homemade snacks? That maybe you could make on a day when they’re not there and have in the freezer ready to pull out offer on a day when they are there? And no answers, right? Or wrong. I just want to know where you’re at. Now, I’m totally down with you in seven and my daughter, who’s this? The salty is, is way easier to feed. He’ll pull out a pickle from the fridge and she likes pickles and sheets, you know, she’ll eat more vegetables and she’ll she’s much better at and she’s a I don’t want to sound sound terrible, but she’s a girl. So she’s like, oh, I’ll just get up and get it and my son’s life feed me somebody, somebody do it. And so he’s the hard one because what he wants is always sugary and that’s and I’m like, I don’t know. I don’t want you eating a bowl of cereal in the middle of the afternoon was full of tonnes of sugar. Like let’s have something else to be easier to deal with. Yeah, but I’m totally down for making things if it is specially if it’s things you can make an apple to the freezer and pull out so I might have to do it every day. I have a couple of ideas that might work for you. Then I have on my website, a recipe for breakfast cookies, and they have a lot of boats and they have a lot of Peanut butter and one of the versions has bananas and the other version has actually canned pumpkin. So there’s actually like some veggies in them and they they give that sweet. There is a little bit of sugar in them, but they’re really feeling I like to break him in those two families. Were you got a kid who’s running off to soccer practice or something where they need something to kind of their tummies to get him through till a dinner. That’s a little bit later but those breakfast cookies, you can make in a bat. My kids actually eat them Frozen. They like them cold, but you could you could thought in the morning you could throw in the microwave for a quick minute, but you could make up a batch of those and it gets that sweet, sweet tooth off. And it’s I’m not going to say it’s quote, unquote perfectly healthy, but it’s definitely better than a lot of that package options are going to find in the grocery store. So, that’s one thing that you might try for your son. The other thing is heavy for me to bake, oatmeal baked oatmeal. Yeah, I do not know what that is. Okay, that that means you haven’t made it yet. They can’t meal, is kind of awesome Danna. It’s really good. It’s an oatmeal that has some eggs in it, and a little bit of milk and you refuse a almond milk. If you needed to go dairy-free and you can put different kinds of fruits and spices and flavors in it. And I’ve got two or three of them on my website. I’ve got a lemon blueberry. I’ve got a cranberry orange. I got an apple cinnamon, and you can make that, and then cut it into squares. Freeze it in individual zip bags, in your freezer. And that kind of has that sweet kind of chewy that kind of takes the sweet off. But I can’t miss school oppose. There’s a little bit of protein from the eggs. There’s a little bit of milk in there, and that can make kind of a good little sweeter snack, but it’s not like you’re feeding your kid. A cereal bar. Does that sound like something you might make? Yeah, that would be great. Yes. Specially cuz I would like, I love the breakfast foods. I would love it if they ate more breakfast foods and some of that is just, I’ve given up a little bit. So I’m less disciplined, like, in the morning cuz I’m also getting ready for work, and I’m also you Those kind of things to get things that we can throw me into having Bagels a lot for breakfast because just like a toast, the bagel and give you some butter cuz we’re in the middle of doing things. And in my mind, I was going to wake up early and went to make a delicious play to breakfast, and we all know how that turned out if you wanted to make this for breakfast, you actually can mix it up the night before and put it in the oven while you’re taking your shower, which is what I do when I make it for breakfast because it only takes 20 minutes to bake. But I’m thinking for you for a snack. So you can make it home this weekend, or you could make it on a Tuesday night, after the kids, go to bed. And then you can have it ready and portioned out for quick and easy, grab-and-go, kind of snacks for your son that has a little bit, something sweeter. So that’s something that works. Yeah. I love it. Those are great. Okay. So now, let’s move to dinner. You say that your kids are eating like, a chicken and a steak, and they’re okay with that. But are you wanting more variety? Are you wanting things to? Easier what would make dinner more pleasurable and better for you. Actually get the idea you were having about going to getting them to do some of the raw vegetables beforehand. I don’t mind the process. I don’t even mind. I could eat, simple like that. So and I’m I’m, you know, I have a lot of clients to a nutritionist and things like that. So and the way kids work is they don’t need to have a 3 bout like a balanced meal. They their their nutritional habits could work on a weekly basis for that, you’re in for a bunch of protein. And then they need a bunch of other something, something else was human beings work like that. So I listen to intuitively like what I’m my body is telling me I need so I don’t mind it. I think I think the feeling is that I’m just not giving them enough nutrients that like, maybe I’m I’m not or satiating at like I’m not giving them enough to be healthy. I don’t want to under feed my kids. I kind of in a lot of ways like for I don’t have time to snacks or things like they have to tell me there. Hungry, and then I kind of, I’m kind of a jerk face that makes them tell me twice. Like I do, I just give you food for food sake. Like I want you to like, ask me. Cuz you’re bored. I want you ask me a second time cuz you’re actually a little hungry. So I don’t, I don’t mind of the, it’s not boring to me to eat that way. I think I just feel bad that I’m maybe not that, I don’t know how to, like get them. The things they should have, like a good amount of healthiness as opposed to everything in the grocery store. That is terrible. So do you think that they are necessarily lacking right now? Or do you think that you’re just worried that you’re not providing enough variety? They showed no signs the big down there. Yeah, that they seem perfectly fine. Yeah, so is it but it’s but you know, I’m so what we do since we don’t have to buy, it’s hard to get kids, eat vegetables or things like that. Although I definitely am going to try the like I’d love to have the rubbish Bowl thing and get them into that too. So just get into better habits as we get the, like, big thing of green juice. And so, they’ll have a whole glass of green juice with dinner and actually really likes the naked one will do that. I just have to. I have to rotate out. So maybe there’s to the vegetables for certain diet in the race movie, the green juices. They’ll get sick of the green juice is like maybe I need the two or three things. You know, for a month we do one and then I kind of switch it up on them and they get home from school to have their glass of green juice and then the next, you know that I’ll rotate them out cuz I think that’s that’s the thing is you do something it works and then it stops really being enjoyable and is adults, you know, you have the same thing, you get a yogurt and you’re like, oh my gosh, I’m going to eat This Yogurt. So the beginning to end of time, and then a month goes by. Anyway, I just don’t feel like it anymore. So it’s like I get it. I think maybe that would help. Did you see that have jar of yogurt has been sitting in the back of my refrigerator for the past six weeks. It’s so it’s so funny. How that happens. Okay? When you are working, do you meal plan or do you just kind of go day-by-day when you go to the grocery store frequently, I think about meal planning. That’s probably why I make lunch stuff for me that I break up or I have my shake or something like that. So but no. I am not a good. I used to be able to do it. It’s hard with a co-parenting situation cuz there’s not there. It’s funny how just a difference in the way. Your morning is going your afternoons. Go will completely make that hard and Miami’s Rotator schedules. It’s not like every Monday or ever so it’s it changes its lips every single week. So it’s not like every Sunday, like it just that doesn’t work. So I’d have to I’d love to do more meal planning. I have to figure. Yeah, I just did. I have a weird schedule? Okay, then you are perfect for weekly meal planning because your schedule is changing week by week. I have four. Teenagers and my schedule changes week by week because there are so many activities that are rotating that it’s never ever the same. So, while I’m not having my kids come in and out of the house, our activities are changing week by week. So one thing, I and encourage you to think about is taking 10 minutes at the beginning of the week for you and for me, that’s Mondays, but for you that might be Saturday or Sunday, one of those days where you are sitting down in your kind of looking at. Okay, I’ve got the kids understand that this when you’re doing that other thinking about what your week is going to look like, which I’m sure you’re taking a few minutes to do that. I’m going to have you think about taking 10 minutes and planning your meals for that week or at least the mules when your kids are with you because I know sometimes when you’re by yourself, then your kind of grabbing this and you’re grabbing that or you’re going with the things that you prep just for you. So just start with planning the meals for when your kids are with you and that’s going to do a couple of things. The fur. Thing is, it’s going to give you so much brain space because Dan that, you don’t realize how much time you spend thinking about food until you have that task off your list. I believe me, cuz all day you’re thinking, okay. The kids are coming home. I’ve got some chicken in the fridge. What can I do with the chicken? Are they going to eat the broccoli? I have some brussel sprouts, but they won’t touch that. And that little Loop squirrels in the back of your head, while you’re doing all of your other cast. So if you can take all of those thoughts and move them to 10 minutes at the beginning of the week, you’re going to give yourself the gift of time and I know for you that’s one of the most precious things that you have. Yeah. I know it’s great. And we do dailies. I do have daily Focus for her. We had some, you know, I will add that in to probably Sunday cuz I always had to have some space but I have kids or not to just think about it. I think the meal prepping is the thing that’s part. But if I can just think about what the meals are. I don’t mind making them. In real-time most of them or doing something. We’re there for the snacks especially would be great to have Bacon. Been put you do put it in the in the freezer because I don’t mind them making spending 30 minutes to make a meal ice. Just figure out what that meal is going to be. So yeah, if I start putting on Sunday, just thinking, what are those meals? What is it that I’m going to grab at the grocery store? That would probably make my life a lot easier. Probably save me a lot of money too. Cuz I go to the grocery store and who knows what I buy and make New Year’s resolution. They usually go to three things. They usually go to your money that usually go to organization and they go to help. And when you take 10 minutes a week and do your meal plans, you’re going to save your money, you’re going to feel more organized and it usually improves your health because just by the fact that you eat at home, more than eating out, you will be eating healthier. So take that, when you’re doing your Sunday planning time, and at least plan just a meals, when your kids are with you and then as it expands maybe add the ones that you’re doing for yourself, which I bet you probably are already doing more than when you do the meals with your kids. I bet you’re doing a little bit of more meal prep for yourself anyway, and so you start putting that all at the beginning of the week and it’s going to give you brain space and it’s going to help you make better decisions at the grocery store. And the other thing that happens that may sound surprising. But you often get more creative with the foods that you’re making because you’re thinking of them ahead of time. And so, if there’s things that you have to Star ingredients, that you have to get your not trying to scramble last minute because you, Just thought ahead of time. Does that sound like something? You can start doing? Okay, before we are there. Any other questions you want to ask me. Do you want to pick my brain? Is there something else you like? I wish Marie could help me with this one thing. I’d I’d love to see if you had any experience with this is Testing things out on your kids, right? So you mentioned getting more creative and there’s nothing more frustrating than me going. I’m going to get create this and then I end up making a second meal because everybody hates it. And not and not because it’s badly made. I’m not a bad cook, but because they don’t like that slaver. I’m wondering, is there a way to say? I’m going to have chicken and then maybe make a pesto. Wear something that’s on the side and then did the thing is it? If they don’t like it, they don’t have to eat it. But I want them to chase it. Like I don’t want to force flavors on my children because I know that I did not have a refined palate as a child, but I do want them to try things. Right? Like I didn’t know, I like honey mustard until I was Thirty and I was missing out cuz honey mustard is good, you know, but I nobody ever had me try and I don’t like regular mustard. So I assumed I would like honey mustard. Looks like I don’t want my kids growing up. Missing out on flavors. They would like or sausage be cooked to using like we just discovered they actually like Pat, I like Thai food. Well, that is a good thing, you know. And yeah, so is there a testing testing that I could do or something like that? I have a couple of thoughts. The first thing is in our house when I was introducing a new food, I would put it on the plate and the rule was you didn’t have to eat at, you just had to look at it. I had a kid that has real severe sensory issues. And so even getting them to look at it was a big deal when you’re trying new things, put them on the plane to hey, you can have a taste of it if you want. So there’s no expectation that they have to taste it. They’re much more likely to taste it if it is in their control rather than you forcing it on. So that’s the first thing. This thing is, I have an entire podcast episode on how to pick a recipe, that your family will eat if episode 146, a link to it in the show notes, but let me kind of go over the highlights of the principles in that, in, that podcast episode. When you are trying new things on your children, you do not want to change two things at once. So the example that I often give is, if you’re doing a spaghetti and meatballs, you can’t go from a spaghetti and meatballs to a chickpea Curry because you have changed flavors and you have changed the base ingredients. When you are trying to get children to eat new things change, either the base ingredients, so that the meat and the starch, and this or change the flavors. So if I were trying to get my children to try some new things, I would start with, maybe making a lentil spaghetti with the oregano and the garlic in the red sauce and not. So they’re still having the familiar flavors, but you’ve changed out the meat or I would make a something that has cumin and coriander in it, but it still has ground beef. And it still has a pasta with it and it still with a red sauce. So it’s still not looking yellow, like you got it. Not changing too many things at once. So when you’re looking for recipes, you know so that we can on our phone and we start scrolling through recipes or in the doctor’s office and were flipping through a magazine. You want to ask yourself two questions. What is familiar about this recipe? And what is different? And what you’re looking for to find a recipe to take home and use on your children is something that’s about half a million and a half different. And if you’re really worried about a sauce or something, keep things as separate as possible to keep the protein in the starch as sauce, all separate and serve it, deconstructed. And then they can mix it if they want. So this is this is one thing. That’s interesting Lee, I guess good, but also a pain in the butt. From a cookie perspective, for my kids. My kids don’t like pasta rice or potatoes. Don’t eat french fries. They don’t eat pasta. Play Tony Rice, which means when I say, we have like meat and a side like that. There is my it’s great because I don’t have kids eating a bunch of starches. I guess they’ll have the bagel in the morning, but they also don’t we don’t eat loaf bread. Like I don’t eat loaf. Bread will have get like a fresh baguette or something sometimes. But yeah, so we don’t eat bread to your party has been and I didn’t like forces on them. I want them. I’d like to me is just so they won’t eat any of those things to do tater tots. No french fries is like, so like I really am. It’s like if I the big thing is if I can just get them to eat veggies and they just ate meat and veggies. They’d be fine. They be healthy. According to all things. That’s like, half the recipes. I look at them going. I can’t even get them to eat. The start YouVersion. Will they eat a polenta or a riced? Cauliflower kind of are starchy or starch replacement? Kind of things that are little bit different and if you could get them to try the polenta, polenta is a really great gateway gateway to start. Then you kind of get some of the Italian flavors, some of the Mediterranean flavors and if you can get them to eat it, soft or get them to eat it fried and crunchy. Like, you can buy the little tubes that look like a tube of sausage and you can slice. Yeah, right away, I would normally yeah, the way I would normally do it as make them like little cakes almost that you could put chicken on or something. That might be something to try and then they start eating the blood to be like, okay, they like that. Maybe we can try fried ravioli cuz it has that Christian the out, you know, and then you can kind of slowly transition them into may be liking some of these other things. The rice cauliflower is another thing. If they don’t mind the flavor of cauliflower, Mike is kind of went to call Zahra cuz it can be kind of stinky. But that might be another little thing is he’s like the rice cauliflower than you can transition from the rice cauliflower to maybe a little bit of quinoa. And you know, and you know, my kids wouldn’t touch chicken enchiladas for years ago. And now it’s one of their favorite things and there’s just a slow progression of little tiny changes that I made in those base ingredients or those flavors to get them to the point where they would eat a casserole and I’m not a big Cass real person, but that was no chicken enchiladas like a chicken sounds like. Why don’t they just eat tacos? Like, I would like love. I love tacos. And so, and all the things. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That’s the funny part is I used to be picky and now I love besides onions and pineapples is the only two things. I don’t like. Otherwise, I eat tons of things that everybody else thinks is not that. You know, what is gross animals feel like when I’m doing my the, that Weekly planning. If I pick just one, Neil where I’m going to try something new, like, replace one thing to serve the each week. We’re kind of testing out one thing for them and seeing how they managed it. So that that’s one of my thought processes to switch, as I can be conscious about what that one thing will be. And in that way, it’s easier to implement in and help me, not give up. Cuz what will happen is I’ll have a, a long day or I just don’t want to. Yeah. Yeah, or or it’ll be like, I could go to the grocery store, or we could just, you know. This one thing we’re going to switch out. It’s sort of become his motivation to do it. And so yeah, I think that’s a great idea and see how it goes. Thing is, I always tell people when you are trying something new with your family, you want to serve it to them three times with relative success. Before you kind of keep it in your regular Arsenal. Cuz the first time we’ll try it in the be like, might like it in the second time, will be like, and then the third time, we don’t like that. So once you get past the third time of serving it and the kids will like this is okay. I made it in. Okay, is good enough for me. It doesn’t have to be, this is great. It could be okay, then, you know that you can kind of add that to Your Arsenal. So if you give it to your kids the first time and they liked it in the second time that kind of don’t feel too defeated, just move on to something else and then try to get a couple years. You know me. I like I like systematic stuff like everything is iterative. So the idea of just picking one thing and that if they like it, we’ll do it a couple more times and do that and then it’s like a process of elimination or process of adding in like that feels doable to me. So it’s less about meal planning and it’s more about Asus. Like that’s right up. My alley testing is right away. I Love It Tina. I hope that that just that one little thing. Just try and one and adding it in will expand your kids Palace and makes it a little easier. So, thanks so much for joining us. Yeah. Me, too. This is very helpful. This is, I, I mean, I feel very much like I’ve got systems and processes in an improvement things for all areas of my life. In in feeding. My kids seems to be one of those ones that has baffled me. So hopefully that’s all I’m excited to put some of these things into place and test out these little things, and hopefully can come to you with good news. I can’t wait to hear back. I definitely want you to report back. If you want to hear a little bit more about boss. Mamas.com is the easiest place to go and it’ll get you to our podcast. Is boss. Mom’s big Facebook group. Doing a Sienna and friends know that small little things. Even just trying one thing a week is all you need to do to make a big Improvement in your house. So, I hope you enjoy this friend a care.

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