Welcome to the feed, your family tonight, podcast. Do you dread hearing the question? What’s for dinner? What do you spend your days? Keeping up with toddlers, running kids to after-school. Activities are juggling a career and family getting dinner on the table. Can be a struggle for us all entry fee box, a business owner wife and mom of four. I’m on a mission to build stronger families. One dinner at a time. And I’m here with tips, tricks and inspiration. You need to feed your family tonight. Hello friends, welcome to the Future family tonight podcast, I’m your host Marie fibox. I am so happy to be here with you today. I do happen to have a little bit of a frog in my throat today. So bear with me in three and a half years of doing his podcast. I have never had a week where I couldn’t record because my voice was a little raspy, but that’s where we are this week. And I’m happy to at least be here talking to you. Even if I don’t sound like, my usual self. This week. I have a real special announcement. That is a little bit sad, but I am choosing to see the joy in it. After a lot of thought and a lot of prayer I have made the decision to close down. Feed your family tonight. I promise you that I did not take this decision lightly feature. Family tonight has been a very important part of my life for 5 years. Now. I have been pouring my heart and soul into feed your family tonight, since 2017. It’s kind of a decision has been coming in bits and pieces for a long time. For the past year. I knew that feature family tonight and needed to evolve change. I knew I needed to evolve and change, and that happened in a way. I didn’t expect, but I ended up getting offered a full-time like Monday through Friday job. That really used a lot of my skills and talents and past experiences. And I am enjoying my new job. I fully intended to keep feed your family tonight, going on the side, this past week, when my husband and I sat down to do our taxes and I looked at the time that I was pouring in to feed your family tonight and the monetary return. I realized that feature family tonight at this point was a hobby and it wasn’t bringing in enough as a business for me to keep putting in my time in it, but there’s a little bit more to it than that because I’m a personable of Hope and optimism. And I always believed that there are opportunities around the corner. Friends on Instagram, talked about a quote that is really common in writing circles. It’s called Kill Your Darlings and when they are teaching writers Stephen King has said it. William Faulkner has said it, they don’t even really know exactly who was the first to use this quote, but they secretly. The idea is that a lot of times you have to cut out your favorite characters, your favorite story lines in order to have a book or a piece of work be great rather than just good and feed your family tonight for me has been good. It has been very very good. But at this point in my life, I need to make room for something great. I have no idea what that something is for right now. It’s going to be a wife and mother a full-time working mom. When you have things on the internet that are up there for five years undoing, the things you have done is almost harder than doing them to begin with and when I have made the decision to close by your family tonight, for now, I intend to keep the website up so that you all can still find your favorite recipes. I intend to keep the podcast up in the world so that you can listen to past episodes if you would like, or if new people want to find the episodes they can for. Now, I am just not going to be doing any new content creation. I’m not going to be creating new podcast. I’m not going to be researching and developing and photographing new recipes. These past few weeks. I have really kind of taking a big step back from social media and I have found the time. It’s been a really freaking in my life and I haven’t had to constantly think about how I can take what I’m doing and put it on Instagram and on Facebook so that I can show you what I’m doing and continue to help feed your family tonight to grow, also be around on Instagram. I will still have my personal Facebook account, but the feature family tonight, Facebook group, and the feed, your family tonight. Facebook page, are likely going to be archived in the middle of May. If you have anything on there that you want to find, make sure you look them up and download them. I will make an announcement in the group and on the page so that you have plenty of time to hold down, anything that you need. Someday in the future. I may open them back up as feed your family tonight. I may open them back up as something. Totally knew. I have no idea where this twisting and turning life is going to take me, but I do know that for now. It’s time to sign off. It’s time to say goodbye. I have to give a big hug to feed your family tonight and one of my favorite Darlings, but more than anything. I wish I could give a big thank you to each and everyone of you for all of your support. Over the years for listening to the podcast, sharing the podcast, using my recipes, sharing my recipes, purchasing my cookbooks and meal-planning, notebooks, and meal planning system. All of those things have helped me grow up healthy to feed your family. Tonight, become something that was really important to help busy families. Get weeknight dinner on the table. My heart is still with the mission of growing stronger. Families, one dinner at a time. And I know somewhere along my journey. I’m going to keep doing that. It’s just not going to be in this arena for now. So, for now friends, I hope you are having a great week. I cannot thank you enough for all of your support. I will miss you dearly. I will miss feed your family tonight dearly too. It’s been an important piece of who I am is spinning important piece of growing and sharing and helping others along the way for that. I am forever grateful. I will miss you. I will miss feed your family tonight. If you ever have cooking questions, message me on Instagram. I’ll either be at feed your family tonight. I will probably switch it @mariefiebach pretty soon but always message me. I am always happy to help you with your questions. I am always here. If you have cooking questions or family dinner questions, just because I am no longer going to be publicly pursuing this as a career. Not mean that I am not 100% willing to help you. So friends. I hope that you have a beautiful summer. Thank you for coming along with me on the journey. I will miss you. Take Care.

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