Episode 28: Summer Food Game Plan

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Summer is upon us and with the kids coming home from school it is time to get a game plan to make feeding your family easier this summer.

Take some time to plan for:

                Lunches- I use planned leftovers and pantry staples like hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.

                Snacks- Do you need portable snacks for the pool or outings? I let my kids have 1 “packaged” snack per day and then it is fruit and veggies. Or follow Steph Jenkin’s snack rule of “fruit, veggie, nuts, or raisins.”

                Dinner- You will want some quick and easy meals for when you have had days full of activities. It is also a good time to try new recipes because the evenings are a little slower in the summer.

                Treats- Will you go for ice cream or ride your bike to the local pizza place? Our family has a tradition of “fry days” where I break out a deep fryer and make treats like corn dogs and funnel cakes

                Drinks- Make sure everyone in the family gets in the habit of taking a water bottle with them every time you leave the house.

Make a large shopping trip and stock up on staples so you can be ready for the summer.

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