Episode 30 Vacation Food Planning Part 1

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Summer is here and that means many of you are taking family vacations. There are many types of travel and planning for food is important. In this first of two episodes about vacation food planning Marie talks about planning for food when you are mainly staying in hotels.

-Try to find a hotel with breakfast on the premises. It is even better if breakfast is included in the cost of the room

-Plan your restaurants ahead of time. Even if you want to be spontaneous (which is great) you will still have a plan to fall back on.

-Look at internet reviews on trip advisor or yelp to see what others are saying about the restaurant.

-Plan at least one “Grocery Store Lunch.” This can be a nice break form heavy restaurant food.

-Plan for snacks. Think about what kinds of snacks you will need and take them with you from home if at all possible

-Have everyone bring a water bottle. They can go through airport security empty and you can fill them later.

Next week Marie will talk about planning for vacation food if you are staying in cabins or rental homes as well as family reunion food planning.

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  • marilyn short

    Love watching you on KAKE … your presentations are just a ray of sunshine!

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