Episode 36 I Don’t Know What to Make for Dinner

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According to Lisa Woodruff of Organize 365, July is the Bermuda triangle of months. I agree. Lots of people go on vacation. The days are long and hot, and most of us take a slower pace. I had trouble this week deciding what to cook for dinner when I wrote out my weekly meal plan. Posting it in the Feed Your Family Tonight Facebook group keeps me accountable. You can post your plan there too.

I often look at what other people are making for inspiration. This week I used my friend Heather’s idea and made chicken tacos. I made a large batch so I have meat for easy meals later. I used my taco mix and chicken thighs with salt in my pressure cooker for 22 minutes. It was so good and my kids raved (a rare occurrence in my home.)

“A” Always have a backup is extra important in July.

Consider making large batches of proteins when you do cook so you can have easy meals later. Some of my favorite things to make to stock my freezer are:

Chicken Thighs

Taco Meat

Browned Hamburger

Lettuce Wrap filling. One recipe I like is this one from Foodie with Family.

I like to buy my beef from our local farmer, Andi Dale. You can listen to my interview with Andi about buying meat from a local farmer.

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