Episode 42 My Meal Planning Journey and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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Have you heard my meal planning journey? When my kids were little I never meal planned. My idea of meal planning was having an overstocked freezer and pantry. Late every day I would go to my pantry and get meat out of my freezer and a few pantry staples and fix something for dinner. It was mentally draining. I often had the feeling of “dinner dread” because all day long I would lament having to fix dinner for my family.

My kids were little and it was hard to get out of the house. My best friend lived hours away and we would talk on the phone several times a week. During this time bloggers became my “friends.” Many blogs and podcasts of this era were sponsored by a meal planning service and it felt like everyone else had meal planning under control. I felt defeated.

About the time my twins started preschool I discovered Simple Simon and Company. I fell in love with their beautiful blog about sewing children’s clothing. Simple Simon and Company started a series based on a book, The Womanly Art of Homemaking. One post in this series was about meal planning and that post literally changed my life. Liz talked about how she spent 10 minutes each week and built a meal plan.


I took her idea and 15 minutes every Monday morning and began what would become Feed Your Family Tonight. I would grab a scrap of paper from my minivan, write the days of the week, and figure out the best meal for each day. It took me years to commit to doing this every week, but the weeks that I planned were always more peaceful. I had so much mental freedom because I no longer had to think about what I was making for dinner every day. Our grocery bill went down, and shopping was easier too!


Now I am sharing with you my meal planning system. Join the free 5 Day Meal Planning Challenge at FeedYourFamilyTonight.com/5day. We start Tuesday, September 3 2019. You will get printable worksheets emailed to you before the challenge starts. We will have daily email tasks (that take less than 5 minutes) and daily Facebook Live training.


Ask a friend to join you and get meal planning under control in your home this fall.  FeedYourFamilyTonight.com/5day

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