Episode 83 Family Dinner Conversation

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Feed Your Family Tonight is all about helping families plan and execute weeknight dinner so they can recapture a little calm in the crazy. One of the greatest blessings of this time of shelter at home has been slower family dinners. We don’t have to rush off to activities and my kids don’t have piles of homework. We have fallen into a slower pace and that includes lingering at the dinner table.


The dinner table is a place where you can impart values and teach your children. From a very young age you can begin to layer bits and pieces of your values and beliefs according to the age of your children. As they get older you can go deeper into harder topics. My kids are 12-17 and we are to the point where we talk about hard topics like pornography, politics, racism, religion, internet safety and so much more. We didn’t start with the tough topics, but over the years we have built up trust and are now able to have open conversations with our children.


Every meal does not have to tackle tough topics. We have plenty of fun and talk about lighter things too. In my parent’s home everyone shares if someone has made them happy or how they have made another happy in the past week. My sister’s family talks about one thing that has brought them joy. Dinnertime conversation does not have to be heavy or contrived, but it is one tool we have as parents to share our values and beliefs with our children.

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