Episode 84 You Need an Apron

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I wear aprons almost every day. I have been caught with my apron still on when I pick up my kids from school. Aprons are and essential piece of kitchen equipment. It’s not something I just wear on TV. I wear them all the time at home.


Aprons keep you from getting your clothes messy, but for me, it is more than that. It is a mental signal that “I’m here to get something done.” When I put on my apron it means it’s time to get my hands dirty. Sometimes that is in the kitchen, sometimes it is cleaning my house. It is my “uniform” for getting things done at home.

My favorite style of apron has an adjustable neck, and waist straps that are long enough to wrap around to the front of my waist and tie. I got this one off of amazon this week and it is the perfect style. Aprons must have pockets. I use them to hold my phone or pick up random misplaced items I find around the house.

I use aprons to dry my hands when I wash them while cooking, I use them as an oven mitt to pull hot pans out of the oven, it is more than just a way to keep my clothes clean.

Cleaning aprons can be tricky, because the long straps can twist around the other laundry in the load. I like to put my aprons in lingerie bags for washing. I either hang them dry, or leave them in the lingerie bag and put them in the dryer. It prevents a twisted mess.


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