Do you ever wonder why the holidays feel so overwhelming?

It is because there are hundreds of little tasks that you do to make them special.

What if you had a guide to help you manage all those tasks? The Feed Your Family Tonight Holiday Planning Guide is a comprehensive workbook to help you get organized and stay on top of all the things you do to make holidays special for you and your loved ones.

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It is about more than just food (but it will help you with that too!)

Get ready to be on top of gifts this year. You will plan all the gifts you need to purchase and can plan which stores and websites to visit. You will save money and time by making fewer shopping trips. Save money on shipping by shopping early and avoiding extra shipping fees.

Here’s what people are saying about using the Holiday Planning Guide to by gifts:

“Marie’s holiday planning guide was so helpful in keeping me organized with my large extended family. Buying gifts for each niece and nephew can be tough to keep up with! With her guide I was able to stay on top of those busy holiday months and enjoy the moments as they come.”


Get the Feed Your Family Tonight Holiday Planning Guide.

Learn how to pre-holiday shop for basics. 

Stock your home with staples so you don’t have to worry about buying basic items like toothpaste during the extra-busy holiday season.

Worksheets in Holiday Planning Guide

Be ready for hosting gatherings.

Includes a Countdown to Thanksgiving with all the tasks you need to do starting 3 weeks before Thanksgiving all the way to cleaning up the dishes after Thanksgiving dinner. It gives weekly prompts outlining daily tasks you can be ready on Thanksgiving Day. You will plan your menu, get your groceries, and cook Thanksgiving dinner with ease.

This is a 30-page eBook with over 20 pages of bonus materials. That is over 50 pages of comprehensive holiday planning help. 

Here are the bonuses!

Bonus- Thanksgiving 101

Is this your first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner? You will want to check out Thanksgiving 101! It outlines all the things you need to do to be ready on Thanksgiving Day. It will help you avoid common mistakes like not having enough room in your oven or on your stove. It even gives you a game plan to tackle all the dishes.

Thanksgiving 101

n a year like no other and the holidays may look a little different. 2020 Holiday Survival Tips outlines ideas and suggestions for creating connections and lasting memories. You will get suggestions for connecting with relatives at a distance, ways to make new memories, and shipping tips for the Holiday season.

Bonus Countdown to Christmas

Do you ever want to plan ahead, but don’t know what tasks to tackle first? The Countdown to Christmas bonus sheets outlines what you can do each month to get ready for Christmas.

There are three versions.

  • If you are an early bird and are ready to get started in October, use the October Start Countdown.
  • If you still want to plan ahead, but missed getting started in October, use the November Start.
  • If you are just finding this in December, use the December Start.

No matter what, it will help you stay on top of all the little tasks that come with holiday preparations.  It will take you out of the overwhelm and set you up for success.

Countdown to Christmas Bonus

Get the Holiday Planning Guide.

Here’s what others have said about the Holiday Planning Guide:

“The Holiday Planning Guide will keep you on track during the busy months of November and December. Marie will give you many questions to ponder, and organizational tips, so you can enjoy the holidays and not feel so overwhelmed.”


“The Feed Your Family Tonight Holiday Guide is a comprehensive planner for the busy season. I can’t wait to dig in and get organized.” 


I want the Holiday Planning Guide.

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