Simple Salmon

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This recipe is as basic as it gets, but I love it because it is simple, and on a busy weeknight you can have dinner on the table in ten minutes or less.

Simple Salmon

Fresh Center-Cut Salmon Filets (One per person. I like about 2 inch wide filets.)

2 T Butter, Ghee or Oil

Salt and Pepper

Have your butcher cut one filet for each portion you will need.  Season it on all sides with coarse salt and pepper.  Use about ¼ teaspoon per filet of salt.  Rub it in well so that it sticks to the salmon. 

Add the butter, ghee, or oil to the pan.  Ghee is my favorite, but most people don’t keep it on hand.  (Butter or oil work too but are not as flavorful.)  Heat the pan over medium-high heat until the fat is shimmering. 

Add the filets to the pan flesh side down and leave alone for 3-4 minutes.  Gently flip over to skin side and cook another 3-4 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the salmon finish cooking in the pan with the residual heat for about 10 minutes. (I do this while we eat our salads.) Serve.


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