Episode 171 6 Tips to Save Money Buying Grocery Markdowns

Groceries are getting more expensive. One way to save money is to buy grocery store markdowns. 

Grocery store markdowns are not the weekly ads or coupons. They are items the store discounts to sell quickly. There are many reasons a store will mark down and item. Here are few:

  • The item is getting discontinued
  • The packaging is slightly damaged
  • The item’s shelf space was bought by another product
  • The item is expiring quickly
  • The item is overstocked and the store needs the space for other items

You can often save lots of money buying marked down items. Use these 6 tips to be smart when buying markdowns.

Tip 1- If you won’t use it, it is not a bargain.

Don’t buy things just because they are a deal if you won’t use it.

Tip 2- Know the regular and common sale price of an item.

This helps you know if it is a great deal or not. 

Tip 3- Buy ahead when items are on deep discount.

Keep some wiggle room in your budget and stock up when items are at their best price.

Tip 4- Consider your storage and freezer space before buying items in bulk.

If you don’t have room to freeze or store the items then it is not wise to buy large quantities.

Tip 5- Repackage meat before freezing.

You don’t want to freeze the meat in it’s original packaging. You will end up with an ice block of meat that is hard to separate into meal-size portions.

  • portion the meat before freezing
  • cut into the size you need for cooking before freezing
  • you can cook the meat before freezing. I like to brown hamburger or cook chicken to add to recipes like spaghetti or casseroles.
  • chicken breasts are best frozen in single layers on a baking sheet. Once they are frozen you can put into zip bags. You can pull out the number you need for each meal.
  • freeze in individual or meal-size portions 

Tip 6- Learn the markdown habits of your favorite stores.

Each store is different. Don’t be afraid to ask employees when they mark down items in their store.

Know where each store keeps their mark down items. 


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