Fruit Salad Dressing

Does fruit salad need a dressing? Technically no, but this simple dressing will take your fruit salad from good to amazing! It is one of my favorite things to take with a meal to a friend in need. It is simple and delicious. If you prefer not to use refined sugar, I have made it with honey. If you don’t have mint, you can leave it out, but the mint really adds a lot of flavor to this simple dressing.

You can add this dressing to any combination of fruits you prefer. I like to get whatever is in season. The one thing to remember is to not add bananas until just before serving because they will get mushy. Apples, pears and peaches will not brown because the acid in the lemon and lime juice prevents browning. The salad is best if it sits in the refrigerator for at least two hours before serving. The mint and dressing penetrate the fruits as it rests in the refrigerator.

Dressing for Fruit Salad

Juice of 1 Lemon

Juice of 1 Lime

2 teaspoons sugar (or honey)

2-3 large sprigs of Fresh Mint



In a large bowl, mix lemon juice, lime juice and sugar (or honey.) Mix well to dissolve the sugar. Add your cut fruit and stir well. Add mint sprigs and refrigerate salad for at least two hours.

To serve, remove mint sprigs and stir well before serving.