Episode 124 Creating Memories with Food

How to create memories with food traditions

Special memories around food are part of our family traditions.

They are woven into fabric of our lives. They can be really fun, or they can feel overwhelming.

I have said before that traditions create stability and predictability for our children. My teens still like knowing there will be a helium balloon on their chair at the kitchen table on Valentine’s Day.

I grew up with many food traditions. Some were simple like pink heart biscuits and some were elaborate like corned beef and cabbage with flaming Irish coffee on St. Patrick’s Day or her annual Halloween Cookies.


It does not matter if traditions are simple or elaborate.

What matters is that they are meaningful to you and your children.

Food traditions are optional.

If you are stressed out by a tradition, let it go. You can skip them and still be a “good mom” and a “fun mom.”

Food traditions can be flexible.

You can outsource the work to the grocery store or local donut shop.

They don’t have to be junk food or sweets. You can get a Great Harvest Bunny at Easter or a heart shaped pizza on Valentine’s Day.

Some traditions will fade.

Our Saturday morning tradition of Oatmeal Pancakes faded into sports and sleeping in.

When you child wants to celebrate and you aren’t up for it, consider giving them the memory.

My daughter loved April Fool’s Day and I didn’t care too much, but I worked to make her a special lunch full of pranks and she relished every minute. It is a lasting memory.

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