Episode 155 Choosing and Caring for Knives (Replay)

A sharp knife can make everything easier in the kitchen. The key is to select a good knife and keep it sharp. You can use an inexpensive manual sharpener, and electric sharpener, or take them to your local Willams Sonoma or Sur La Table store for sharpening.

You do not need an large butcher block full of knifes.  A few simple knifes are all you need. You should have a chef’s knife, paring knife and bread knife. They do not need to be super expensive or fancy. America’s Test Kitchen likes Victorinox and I am a fan of Zwilling Henckels Professional S knives.

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Victorinox Chef’s Knife 8 inch

Victorinox Chef’s Knife 6 inch 


Victorinox Paring Knife

Victorinox Bread Knife 

J. A. Henckels Professional S Chef’s Knife 8 inch 

J. A. Henckels Professional S Chef’s Knife 6 inch 

J. A. Henckels Professional S Paring Knife 

J. A. Henckels Professional S Bread Knife 

Inexpensive Manual Knife Sharpener 

Electric Knife Sharpener 


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Episode 17: I May Be A Knife Snob

Knives are a very important part of a good home kitchen. Marie talks about the knives in her house, how she chose them, what she uses them for, and how she takes care of them. She also talks about how important it is to sharpen your knives. She even talks about her obsession with sharpening other people’s knives.


Marie’s Knife Sharpener

Inexpensive Knife Sharpener

Henkel’s Professional S 8 inch chef’s knife, Marie’s favorite knife