Episode 62 Essential Kitchen Equipment, Paring Down in the New Year

It is the time of year that many of us want to purge and clean out our homes. I have done some purging and it got me thinking about the things I really need. I went through my kitchen and thought about the very basic items necessary to have a functioning kitchen. Below is a list of the things I feel are the bare minimum you need in a kitchen. This post contains affiliate links which helps fund the cost of producing a weekly podcast at no extra cost to you.

Measuring Spoons
Vegetable Peeler (I have these exact ones.)


Dry Measuring Cups
2 Cup Pyrex Measuring Cup (I have this exact one.)
Can Opener

(My favorite is from IKEA similar to this one)

Spatula/Rubber Knife

(I have and older version of this.)

Flat Whisk

(This is my favorite.)

Silicone Tip Tongs (This is the pair in my house.)

Mixing Spoon
Ladle (This is the one I have in my house.)

Cutting Board with Lip

Paring Knife (I have had this one for over 15 years.)

Chef Knife (I have had this one for more than 15 years.)

Serrated Knife (small) (I have had this one for more than 15 years.)

Serrated Knife (Large) (I have had this one for more than 15 years.)

Knife Sharpener, I have this electric one, but a simple hand one works great.

Fine Mesh Strainer

Box Grater

Skillet with Lid (I had this one for many years.)

Large Pot with Lid (I have used the 5 qt version of this one nearly 20 years.)

3 Qt Saucepan with Lid (I have had this one almost 20 years.)

9 x 13 Baking Pan(The one I have is no longer available. This one is similar.)

8 x 8 Baking Dish (I use this one all the time.)

Rimmed Baking Sheet Pan (These are a workhorse in my kitchen.)

Electric Mixer (My mom has had this one in white for more than 10 years.)

Blender (not 100% necessary, but nice to have, this is a newer version of the one I have.)