Episode 70 Spring Clean Your Freezer and Pantry

It is almost officially Spring and I have been getting the itch to clean out my freezer and pantry. Last week I cleaned out my freezer and this week I cleaned out my kitchen cabinets. I moved my coffee to the cabinet directly above my coffee pot.  (Why have I not done this? I have been in this house 17 years!)


When cleaning out freezers and cabinets follow these steps.

1-Take everything out.

2-Wipe down all shelving.

3-Toss any food that has gone bad.

4-Donate any food you no longer prefer, but is not expired.

5-Combine “like items.”

6-Return items to the shelves and keep “like items” together.


I like to use containers and bins to group “like items.” I find that if an item has a place to call “home” it is much easier to put that item away and to keep random items from floating around the house looking for a home.


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